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Energy Efficiency Boost with Insulspan SIPs

September 24, 2015

Insulspan® SIPs boost energy efficiency of cutting-edge Whistler condos

For over two decades, Rod Nadeau of Innovation Building Group has been building and designing energy-efficient homes. His recent endeavor involves a 26,000 sq. ft., 20-unit Solana condominium complex which is located in Whistler, British Columbia.

Solana features floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular mountain views and heated garages. Residents of each unit enjoy a 4,000 sq. ft. rooftop terrace with a barbeque, outdoor kitchen, and individual garden plots.

An exceptional interior comfort and low utility bills created by a high performance building envelope is the building’s defining characteristic. Innovation Building Group has chosen Insulspan® Structural Insulating Panel (SIP) System for the building’s exterior walls in order to lessen thermal bridging and air leakage – two factors that cause heat loss and lead to moisture problems during the Whistler’s wet climate.

Insulspan SIPs provide continuous expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation with minimal dimensional lumber studs that produce a thermal “bridge” of heat transfer to the outdoor structure. Building with large panels also means better air tightness  for even greater energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality.

 “We chose Insulspan SIPs for the walls because there is very little thermal bridging, you can pick the R-values, and they have virtually no air leakage,” said Nadeau.  “It is one of the best ways to make an energy-efficient building.”

Insulspan’s design team worked closely with Nadeau to provide engineered drawings that were critical in the design phase and greatly expedited the process of installation. All products from Insulspan are covered by a CCMC Evaluation so code approval becomes easy.

“Insulspan products have been around a long time, they’ve been proven, they’ve been engineered, and they’re easy for the guys to install,” said Nadeau.

“Innovation Building Group brings a high level of experience and knowledge in sustainable construction to this project,” said Insulspan SIPS Sales Manager Dave Stevenson.  “The combination of Insuspan SIPs and other technologies has dramatically reduced energy use and helped create a healthy, green building.”

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Green revolution with Insulspan SIP System

September 17, 2015

MEC new head office leads green revolution with Insulspan® SIP System

Outdoor retailer Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) had built a truly inspiring and sustainable building in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In a city where all re-zoned space is required to meet the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the headquarters has been designed to meet the rigorous level of LEED Platinum, one of the highest green building standards in the world.

The 112,000 sq. ft. office space uses just 30 percent of the energy of an equivalent building constructed to the 2011 National Model National Energy Code for Buildings.

 MEC had worked closely with architectural firm Proscenium to create a high performance building envelope that would maximize the effectiveness of the building’s other energy-saving features, such as a geothermal heating system, passive solar heating, and an innovative passive ventilation design with the goal of giving priority to energy efficiency.

The Insulspan® Structural Insulating Panel (SIP) System features a solid core of expanded polystrene insulation. By limiting the thermal bridging that occurs in traditional wood or metal frame wall construction, the Insulspan SIP system lessens heat loss for greater energy efficiency. Insulspan SIPs also cuts down on air leakage, further boosting energy efficiency and producing superior indoor air quality.

“High-performance building envelopes are essential to achieving our green building goals,” said MEC CFO Sandy Treagus. “Our previous experience with Insulspan’s Structural Insulating Panel System for our North Vancouver store made the decision to go with Insulspan for our new head office facility a no-brainer. The system is delivering the results we expected.”

MEC’s interior design reflects its culture of active, outdoor lifestyles, with bike storage for 128 bikes, a bouldering “cave” for resident climbers, and regular fitness and yoga classes in the large multipurpose room.

“It has been great working with a company like MEC that has such a clear vision and sustainable goals,” said Insulspan SIPS Sales Manager Dave Stevenson. “I’m happy that the Insulspan SIP system could help them meet their goal of LEED Platinum.”

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What does Sustainability mean to you?

September 15, 2015


What Sustainability means to you

What does Sustainability mean to you? As you can see in the Plasti-Fab blog below, we each have a different take on what Sustainability means to us. To learn more about the sustainability initiatives, visit the Plast-Fab website.

Originally posted on PFB Sustainability:

Sustainability defined

Nowadays, we hear the word “Sustainability” in the news we read or the articles we find. A check on the Wikipedia page defines sustainability as: ” ‘The capacity to endure.’ For us, sustainability is the long-term maintenance of well being, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions, and encompasses the concept of stewardship and responsible resource management.”

Based on the definition, it discusses on a general level, the caring for the welfare of our surroundings on a long-term outlook. It also stresses the importance of being responsible for the resources we have, how we consume and manage it, and having the knowledge that these resources are vital for our very existence.

Going to a more specific aspect on a corporate level, the objective is trying to focus on providing a lasting value from consumer and employee by implementing green initiatives so that the business activities that are being carried out involves environmental factors and management.


What Sustainability means to you


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Plasti-Fab products receive GreenGuard Certification

July 27, 2015


As part of its commitment to quality and ongoing sustainability initiatives, Plasti-Fab has recently received GreenGuard Certification for its EPS insulation products. The certification has been accredited by UL Environment, an independent global safety science organization which continues to help companies for more than century by assisting with their process and procedures in accordance with established environment and safety standards.


Benefits of the Program

The GreenGuard Certification Program provides you with the confidence that the products made for use in indoor spaces meet strict chemical emissions limits, which provides healthier interiors. This means that manufacturers are able to develop and consumers are able to identify products and materials having low chemical emissions which helps improve air quality and the environment as a whole.

Achieving GreenGuard Certification adds credibility to a manufacturers’ sustainability claims, supporting them with scientific firsthand data from an unbiased, third-party organization.

Certification Process

When a manufacturer begins the process of GreenGuard Certification, UL Environment works closely with the manufacturer to create a specialized certification plan that takes into consideration their certification targets, unique product line, manufacturing procedures. A technical account manager offers dedicated customer service during the entirety of the certification process to ensure efficiency and accessibility for daily concerns. Final certification will involve submitting to the UL Environment the Application, Certification Plan and the Compliance Path. Certification will be awarded once all these requirements are met.

GreenGuard Gold standard

Plasti-Fab’s Certification level includes the GreenGuard Gold standard. This certification has a more strict evaluation criteria and puts into consideration the safety parameters for more sensitive individuals such as the elderly and children. This certification is referenced by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Building Rating System and also ensures that Plasti-Fab’s products are certified for use to both residential and commercial applications.

To learn more about the GreenGuard Certification program, visit the website by clicking here.

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8 Reasons you Should be Building with Ready-To-Assemble SIPS from Insulspan

July 22, 2015

Insulspan SIPS Canada

Building an energy efficient home or commercial building is easier than one might think. Insulspan’s Ready to Assemble system allows for fast, efficient construction. Where else can you get a complete thermal envelope,  with all your windows and doors cut and ready in one place?

Insulspan SIPs

    1. The Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) System is a COMPLETE SIP BUILDING SYSTEM.
      The Insulspan SIP System is an industry-leading ready-to-assemble (RTA) system that gives builders a real competitive edge over traditional stick frame construction. The RTA process reduces construction time and improves efficiency. Blueprints for your home are loaded into our computerized factory equipment, where Insulspan SIPs are manufactured to your exact specifications, then delivered to your location as a ready-to-assemble building system. Your home goes together like a 3D puzzle, with all the pieces delivered to your site exactly when you want them to.
    2. Professional on-site expertise is provided with every RTA system we deliver.
      Insulspan’s staff has a long history of on-site training and product knowledge. We don’t expect you to be the expert of our product, so let us help! We will send an advisor to your site, which can bring years of experience in the installation of Insulspan SIPS, to help guide you through the initial process until you are comfortable on your own.
    3. Insulspan SIPsIt’s Faster
      The RTA package includes the lumber already installed in your pre-cu panels for a one-stop shopping experience. No more random trips to the lumber yard! This method of installation also reduces site labor, saving time AND money, as well as reducing your build cycle. With every panel pre-cut and installation ready, it turns a conventional 3 week house build into a 3-day build. Your energy efficient thermal envelope is completed faster, getting you into your home or business ahead of schedule.
    4. It’s Easier
      Do you remember those paint by number projects we used to do as kids? Well think of the RTA package from Insulspan as a “House by Numbers” type of project. Panels arrive on site labelled, with lumber installed, wire chases cut and ready for sub-trades. You get a set of plans that show you what goes where based on the numbers and letters on each panel. Look at the plan, and you see the “A” Wall, you find the panels in your stack that say A-1, A-2, A-3 and so on, and up they go. With the lumber already installed at the connections, and in the window and door openings, it’s as easy as assembling the panels in order based on the drawings that Insulspan provides to you on site
    5. A for accuracy
      A main element of Insulspan’s RTA package is the complete and accurate design provided by our design staff. Known as the best shop drawings in the industry, Insulspan provides precise design to manufacturing to job site drawings based on your plans. Windows and doors are pre-cut and arrive on site with lumber installed, ready for assembly. Our design team optimizes the panel package to allow for minimal waste on the job site, saving you time and money.
    6. Cool Tools
      You have to admit a project goes much smoother when you have the right tools for the job. It’s far more difficult to build a table with a wrench than if you had a hammer and nails. So to make sure your Insulspan SIP system can be assembled in the most effective way possible, we send out lifting plates for your roof panels, fork extensions to move panels around and lift them into place with ease, and a tool called a hot wire cutter. The hot wire cutter allows you to relieve the foam where needed with minimal mess in a short amount of time
    7. Insulspan Structural Insulated Panels with Housewrap to enclose this home

      Insulspan Structural Insulated Panels with Housewrap to enclose this home

      Just like every good outfit is complete when properly accessorized, the Insulspan RTA package includes the accessories for the complete installation of the thermal envelope. All the screws and fasteners needed to install the panels are included. Our panel screws and washers are tested for their sheer strength and provided to you based on the thickness of your panel package. Panel seal tape, foam, and adhesive are also included in the RTA package. During assembly, the adhesive is used at all the seams and connections. This not only adheres the materials, but acts as a gasket to prevent air and moisture movement. The Panel Seal tape is provided as a secondary barrier at the roof seams to prevent air and moisture movement. The foam provided is a 2-part high expansion foam that fills any gaps that may have occurred as a result of the install. It completely seals all areas with its high expansion rate, sealing the thermal envelope.

    8. It’s a Wrap
      With every RTA package Insulspan provides the house wrap to completely wrap the panels, creating a moisture and vapor barrier for the system.

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EnerSpan M-24: Boosting your R-value with premium insulation

July 8, 2015


EnerSpan M-24: Boosting your R-value with premium insulation

EnerSpan™ M-24 insulation is manufactured using Neopor® provided by BASF, a graphite-enhanced (silver-gray in color) raw material,  that reduces radiation heat transfer resulting in higher thermal resistance (R-value) compared to standard CAN/ULC-S701, Type 2 EPS insulation therefore making it a premium product.

Why use EnerSpan M-24 Insulation: 

EnerSpan M-24 insulation board has an advantage of having all four of its edges shiplapped to ensure continuous insulation coverage. The closed cell structure of EnerSpan M-24 insulation contains only air so the R-value will not deteriorate over time. In addition, the closed cell structure of EnerSpan M-24 insulation resists water absorption so the higher R-value is retained even after direct exposure to water. The enhanced R-value is built to last and won’t deteriorate over time. The use of a graphite-enhanced raw material in the manufacture of EnerSpan M-24 insulation results in a constant R-value of R-4.53 per inch, a distinct premium over standard EPS. For a look at Plasti-Fab’s 100% Lifetime limited thermal warranty, click here.  Other advantages include its versatility and adaptability for different applications as well as its cost-effectiveness to R-value.

EnerSpan M-24 insulation can be used for these following applications:  Exterior Insulating Sheathing, Under Slab Insulation, Foundation Insulation and for Interior Basement Walls in your home. The product has a 100% R-value Warranty and installation methods are applicable as per local building codes..

For more information on Plasti-Fab’s EnerSpan M-24 insulation, click here. | |

Don’t ask, don’t tell: radon gas in Canada

June 19, 2015


As you can see in Aaron’s blog below, Radon gas has become a hot topic as many begin to become more educated on the dangers of Radon gas and its presence in our homes and businesses.
Plasti-Fab and Radon Environmental have developed a key component in Radon gas mitigation, known as Radon Guard Insulation. Made with Plasti-Fab’s expanded polystyrene, Radon Guard Insulation aids in the mitigation of Radon gas, helping create healthier homes and environments.
To learn more about the Radon Guard Insulation and the key components in Radon mitigation, visit the Plasti-Fab web site.

Originally posted on arennie2015:

I came across an interesting article today, which was published back on June 1st 2015 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (  Written by Diane Kelsall (MD MEd), it calls sharp attention to the fact that Canadian lawmakers have done well to protect Canadians from harm by way of seat belt laws (saving estimated 1,000 lives a year) and smoke alarms (reducing fire related deaths to somewhere near 40 per million households a year) yet have been lax in regulating protection from radon gas, a proven carcinogen that causes thousands of death each year.  I supposed it’s sort of like the home owners and business owners I have met who say they don’t want to test for radon, because if the test comes back saying there are high levels present that means they have to do something about it.  Ignorance is bliss, they say, but does that apply when the topic at hand…

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