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How to Insulate a Basement Floor with PlastiSpan

May 2, 2011

Written By: Melissa Carruthers

So now that the walls are done, its time to tackle the floors. Follow the steps below to warm up that basement even more.

Step 1: You need to install a moisture barrier, cover the entire floor area with 6-mil poly. Do this to eliminate any moisture migration. To limit the cutting of PlastiSpan insulation, plan your area to include 2×2 strapping across the floor in one direction.

Step 2: Attach 2×2 strapping around the perimeter of the basement using self tapping screws or concrete nails.

Step 3: Place the first row of insulation, then place the 2×2 strapping followed by more insulation. Continue on to the opposite wall.

Step 4: Now you have to lay the sub-floor. Make sure you use an appropriate sub-floor material that will support the span. Check with your building supply dealer before you purchase it. It’s easier if you snap chalk lines across where the strapping is to ensure the sub-floor material is placed squarely.

Step 5: Mark your walls where the 2×2 strapping is to help when attaching the sub-floor.

Step 6: It’s a good idea to stagger your sub-floor joints for extra stability. (Rent an automatic nailer, screw gun or automatic screw gun it makes life easier)

Step 7: Secure the sub-floor by adding adhesive to the strapping (Use PL300). Then fasten the 5/8”sub-floor directly to the 2×2 strapping using ringed nails or deck screws every 8”.

Step 8: Your basement floor is now properly insulated and ready for your final decorating touch. You will notice right away that the finished floor is more comfortable.

Alright, now your basement is ready to be finished on the inside. If you’re building new and have the opportunity to insulate your exterior basement walls I’ll tell you all about the steps to do that in my next blog.

Want to see the video installation of these steps? You can view it here in our YouTube Channel:

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  1. Tamara permalink
    June 6, 2011 4:17 pm

    if I want to do both the floor and the interior walls- which comes first? Does it matter?

    • June 10, 2011 7:50 am

      As long and the joint where the insulation would meet are butt tightly together the choice would be the installers. One tip; if the wall is 8 feet tall and the PlastiSpan sheets are 8 foot long, to minimize cutting place the PlastiSpan against the wall first.

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