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Calgary Family Transforms Chilly Basement with DuroFoam Retrofit

May 12, 2011

When the Sayers family walked into the basement of their Calgary, Alberta home, they immediately felt coldness seeping through the carpet. With winter temperatures in Calgary reaching -30° C, the cold basement was far from the ideal family room space.

“When we went downstairs to watch DVDs, we would literally cover ourselves with blankets to keep comfortable,” said Susan Sayers.

After researching insulation retrofits online, the Sayers hired local contractors Reg Munroe and Darryl Lindsay to install Plasti-Fab DuroFoam insulation over the basement floor.

Munroe and Lindsay started by laying down a polyethylene moisture barrier beneath the 1×3 strapping that would be used to support the new subfloor. Strapping was placed at roughly 24-inches on centre, with DuroFoam insulation cut to fit between.

DuroFoam insulation is closed-cell expanded polystyrene that provides long-lasting thermal protection. A thin film facing is laminated to both sides for improved durability and handling during installation.

“Everyone wants it warm and cozy downstairs. This system goes down so easy and it is very simple,” said Munroe. “I like that it is lightweight, it cuts real easy, and if you bump a corner, it doesn’t chip off.”

“I’d say one of the nicest things about DuroFoam is how easily it cuts,” said Lindsay. “The project was done faster than I thought it would take.”

With new carpeting and the added comfort of an insulated basement floor, the Sayers family can now spend time in their basement without donning heavy sweaters.

“That cold edge we had before is gone,” said Sayers. “We can even be down there with bare feet and it is comfortable.” Sayers’ daughter Laura added, “The family room is now the warmest room in the house. I love doing my homework there.”

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