General Contractor Relies on PlastiSpan HD for Residential Remodeling

For contractor Yves Voyer, Plasti-Fab EPS products have become a go-to solution for energy-efficient retrofits. Voyer owns YVEX Construction, a Gatineau, Quebec-based general contracting firm specializing in residential and commercial remodeling. On residential remodels, Voyer is able to increase the energy efficiency of nearly any home by applying Plasti-Fab PlastiSpan® insulation to the exterior walls.

PlastiSpan is a moulded expanded polystyrene insulation that provides long-lasting thermal insulation and eliminates thermal bridging through
wood studs.

“PlastiSpan insulation is very easy to install, and with 4’x8’ sheets it goes up very fast,” said Voyer.

On a recent remodel of a 1,200 sq. ft. bungalow in Gatineau, Quebec, Voyer was able to quickly wrap the house with 2.25-inch PlastiSpan insulation.

Coupled with new doors and windows, the remodel increased the air tightness of the house by 200 percent and earned the client ecoEnergy Retrofit grants from Natural Resources Canada for both added insulation and airtightness. PlastiSpan insulation is listed with the federal Environmental Choice Program.

“When I finished the job and the testing results came in, the client was very happy,” said Voyer. “In the future when I need to insulate, I will always look for Plasti-Fab products.”

“PlastiSpan insulation is an easy way to significantly increase the energy efficiency of a home,” said François Brossard, a Sales Representative for Plasti-Fab.

“Adding insulation provides the most bang for your buck when doing an energy-efficient remodel. PlastiSpan is inexpensive, easy to work with, and available from most building supply stores.”

Download the PDF file of this project profile: [Millar Residence]

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