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Using DuroFoam insulation in radiant floor heating: Video

September 21, 2011

DARO Flooring Constructions partners with Plasti-Fab® for innovative radiant heating and floor leveling systems.

In-floor radiant heating systems are one of the most energy efficient ways to heat a building. Now, builders and architects can choose an even more sustainable and cost-saving radiant heating system with DAROTopp® Floor Systems.

DAROTopp is a flowing synthetic topping for interior floors in both residential and commercial buildings. When applied over radiant heating systems, DAROTopp is lighter, requires no reinforcement, and has higher thermal conductivity than concrete or other conventional toppings.

DARO Flooring owner Robert Danninger uses Plasti-Fab DuroFoam® insulation as an underlayment for almost all their radiant heating systems.

“When we apply our topping over radiant heating, we want the heat to transfer upward through the floor topping and into the building,” said Danninger. “That is why we use DuroFoam insulation beneath the hot water supply lines—to create a thermal insulation layer that greatly reduces heat loss downward through the subfloor.”

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