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Using multiple types of Insulation for different applications

November 1, 2011

Written by: Melissa Carruthers

Using multiple types of Insulation for different applications
So you want to insulate your house but you are unsure of what insulation to use and where to use it. In this multi-part blog series I will go over some different types of insulations you should use in different applications to get the most value for your dollar.

I have a couple of housekeeping things I want to mention before anything:

1.    Make sure you check your local building code before you undertake any construction. It just makes sense to make sure you know all the rules and regulations

2.    Check the government of Canada website to see if the current Action Plan will give you any rebates and then follow those steps prior to construction (see the link below). Also look at your provincial grants as well. If you’re going to invest time and money into this you should take advantage of all grants.

Let’s talk rigid insulation and why you should use it whenever possible. PlastiSpan insulation when used in a basement for interior basement walls or for exterior basement walls provides a monolithic layer of insulation reducing heat loss through the concrete walls. What this means is all that warm air that should be keeping the interior of the basement comfortable won’t be wasted trying to heat concrete walls in contact with the earth or exposed to cold outside air anymore decreasing your heating costs and increasing your energy efficiency. Not to mention getting all that space back in your basement. Plasti-Fab Ltd. offers a couple of solutions to this problem:

**Use PlastiSpan, PlastiSpan HD, M-Board or DuroFoam insulation on the interior or exterior of your concrete walls. (check out my blog on Exterior Basement Walls or to watch videos and read more **
Working as a team is always your best bet when trying to increase your energy efficiency and decrease your costs. So how do you do this? Let’s start in the basement and take it to the concrete. When you have a bare surface to work with you can get the most out of your situation. Plasti-Fab offers different solutions to insulate your walls.
1.    PlastiSpan Insulation
a.    PlastiSpan insulation is a white rigid insulation available in 4X8 and 2X8 sheets in various thicknesses, check your local building supply dealer

2.    PlastiSpan HD Insulation
a.    PlastiSpan HD insulation is a green rigid insulation available in 2X8 sheets in various thicknesses, check your local building supply dealer

3.    DuroFoam Insulation (Only available in the East)
a.    DuroFoam insulation is a insulation with facers laminated to both surfaces in 4X8 sheets of available in various thicknesses, check your local building supply dealer

4.    MBoard Insulation (Only available in the West)
a.    M-Board insulation  is a 2X8 four sided shiplap product available in 1.5, 2 and 3” thicknesses, check your local building supply dealer
One way to increase your R-value when using the typical batt insulation application on the interior of your wall would be to use one of the Plasti-Fab insulations above first. Attach Plasti-Fab products to the wall using a foam safe adhesive (PL300 or Premium *but it must say foam safe*). When working around windows and doors, cut PlastiSpan to fit then glue on. When you have covered the walls you’ll need to build a 2X4 frame. It is easier to layout and build flat on the floor first,  then tilt up and attach to the concrete floor and the floor joists above. When this is complete you’ll need to add your electrical and then the batt insulation you have chosen gets put in next. Install that based on the instructions on the bags. There are 2 types of batt insulation, fiberglass or mineral wool. Both have pros and cons, do your research and pick the best one for your home.

Stay tuned for more on types of insulation for applications……

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