Why PlastiSpan Insulation?

Why PlastiSpan Insulation?
Written By: Melissa Carruthers
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That is a question I get all the time when I am at events talking about PlastiSpan… Simply put I could say, “Because we sell the best insulation at a great price” but that doesn’t usually explain enough so I thought I would write a blog with reasons why. Show you why we are proud to say we offer “Quality, Service and Expertise” And back up what I am saying too.

Here we go…

Using PlastiSpan Insulation is your most cost-effective ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency and allow you to take control of your heating and cooling costs. (Check the price per R-value with all types of rigid insulation) We are locally manufactured and have zero ozone depletion potential. (Locations from BC to Ontario) We have the EcoLogo mark on our product that provides you with the assurance that it meets environmental standards that have been verified by a third party auditor.  PlastiSpan Insulation is versatile; so it can be used on retrofit and new construction and for insulating on the interior or exterior. PlastiSpan Products can be used in all building applications; above or below grade. PlastiSpan insulation is easy to use and install.

Don’t believe me?
Check out plastifab.com for ways to use PlastiSpan Insulation!

Online we have:
•    Application specific “How To” videos available
•    Application specific tear ways available in all major Building Supply dealer locations as well
•    Product Information Bulletins (We call them PIB’s) they show all applications and testing we have done
•    Pictures of different jobs we have completed (Project profiles)
The R-Value for PlastiSpan Insulation is 3.75/inch (We have other types of insulation with different R-values and PSI so stay tuned for other blogs).

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Stay tuned for my next blog about Why PlastiSpan HD Insulation!!

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