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InsulBuck offers added speed and energy

February 7, 2012

PROJECT PROFILE: InsulBuck offers added speed and energy

Cal Kroeker has been building homes for more than 30 years. Together with his dad and brother, he formed Rosenort Quality Builders, a general contracting and custom home building company in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With winter temperatures in the area regularly dipping below – 20°C, building well insulated, energy-efficient homes with insulated concrete forms (ICFs) is a key part of Kroeker’s business model.

“We haven’t built with anything other than ICF basements since 2000,” said Kroeker. “It is clean, there is no oil, you don’t have to deal with the weight of forms, and it is much quicker.”

When he learned of the Plasti-Fab Insulbuck insulated bucking system, Kroeker was eager to test the product on a 3,050 sq. ft. home in Winnipeg. Insulbuck replaces lumber or plywood bucking around window and door openings with high-density foam insulation—eliminating thermal bridging through the wall.

“With Insulbuck, you have insulation right around the whole buck,” said Kroeker. “It is way more work with wood than the Insulbuck system.”

By using Insulbuck, Kroeker saved a significant amount of time that would have been spent cutting treated plywood to fit around the rough openings. The Insulbuck material is easily cut and the foam insulation can be spliced to maximize material usage.

“When you cut bucking from lumber, a lot of scrap material ends up in the dumptser,” said Advantage ICF Product Manager Greg Doren. “There is very little waste with Insulbuck, which is great from a cost-saving and sustainability standpoint.”

Vinyl nailing strips and Insulplate anchors allow for the easy attachment of windows, doors, drywall and trim.

“The Insulbuck was delivered together with the Advantage ICF System, giving Rosenort Quality Builders a single source for everything they needed,” said Corey Bourne, a Plasti-Fab sales representative who assisted Kroeker on the project.

Check out Project Photos and Download the PDF file: Rosenort Quality Builders – InsulBuck

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