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Why PlastiSpan HD Insulation?

February 14, 2012

Written by Melissa Carruthers
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As I stand in my favorite Building supply dealer (BSD) looking at the 2 colors of PlastiSpan insulation I wonder why people chose Plasti-Span (white) over PlastiSpan HD (green) or the other way around. Why would I choose PlastiSpan HD? So I decided it would be my next blog topic.

Plasti-Fab offers a large array of products for different applications, but for the most part PlastiSpan HD can be used. It is less expensive and still has a constant R-value. Similar to my “Why PlastiSpan” Blog I wrote last month, PlastiSpan HD insulation is a cost-effective way to increase your home’s energy efficiency and allow you to take control of your heating and cooling costs. (Check the price per R-value with all types of rigid insulation; even though PlastiSpan HD insulation isn’t as cost effective as PlastiSpan it still is quite economical compared to the blue and pink insulation you see in BSD’s)

PlastiSpan HD is also locally manufactured. (Locations from BC to Ontario) We have the EcoLogo mark on our product that provides you with the assurance that it meets environmental standards that have been verified by a third party auditor.  PlastiSpan HD Insulation is versatile; so it can be used on retrofit and new construction and for insulating on the interior or exterior.

PlastiSpan Products can be used in all building applications; above or below grade. PlastiSpan HD insulation is easy to use and install. I know that this is pretty much a repeat of the last blog so far so let’s talk about the ‘why’s and the where’s” for PlastiSpan HD Insulation, and where you would be required to use PlastiSlan HD Insulation.

A. It has a higher R-value/inch then PlastiSpan. PlastiSpan HD is 4.04/inch
B. If your application requires greater compressive resistance
C. PlastiSpan HD has a higher PSI. Its 16 PSI
D. It allows you to get a higher R-value in a an area that has limited space
E. It comes standard in 2X8 sheets (but you can get 4X8)

1. Hydronic Insulation (Hydronic heated floors in new construction)
2. Insulating your basement floor
3. Exterior basement walls (when you have back fill there is less damage to the insulation)

Check out for ways to use PlastiSpan HD Insulation! Online we have:
• Application specific “How To” videos available
• Application specific tear ways available in all major Building Supply dealer locations as well (even if it just says DuroFoam or PlastiSpan you can use PlastiSpan HD)
• Product Information Bulletins (We call them PIB’s) they show all applications and testing we have done
• Pictures of different jobs we have completed (Project profiles)

It is important to note that while both PlastiSpan and PlastiSpan HD Insulation can be used in most new and retrofit construction you need to check with your local building official to meet codes and make sure you also check your provincial and federal websites for available grants.

Well in keeping with my theme… “Why DuroFoam?” will be my next blog!

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  1. James permalink
    September 26, 2012 10:23 am


    Could yo please tell me what the melting point of this product is?


    • v a permalink
      March 31, 2017 9:28 pm

      look up mansonville fire in Surrey. That’s way past the melting point.


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