Advantage of Advantage – Part 1: Homeowners’ Perspective

Written by: Colin Showalter
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One of the questions I get frequently is “what is the advantage of using Advantage ICF System?”
My answer is simple: it depends on your perspective. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I answer this question from the 3 most common points of view: Homeowner, Builder/contractor and Building store/dealer.

Today we look at the homeowners’ perspective.

The most obvious advantage to using Advantage ICF System to the home owner is the energy efficiency of their home. Energy efficiency can be both improved R-values and air tightness, which are both improved by using Advantage ICF System. Typically R-12 batt insulation is used in a basement vs. the Effective R Value 22 you get with Advantage ICF. Also because you eliminate thermal bridging associated with cavity walls constructed with studs, batt insulation and vapour barrier. By using ICF’s it is replaced with a two layers of rigid EPS insulation and concrete creating a monolithic wall you greatly improve the air tightness.

Whether you live in windy southern Alberta, next the train tracks downtown Montreal or under the flight path of Canada’s busiest airport a quiet living environment is a growing concern. Building your house out of Advantage ICF System will greatly improve the sound dampening properties of your home. The Advantage ICF System has an STC rating of 50. This is exponentially better than a standard 2×6 stick framed wall.

Having a house with these improved performance characteristics can also improve your resale value. Obviously houses with these upgraded qualities are of value to most purchasers. As energy costs increase people are willing to pay more up front to save money every month they live in the house over the long term.

Stay tuned: coming soon – Part 2 (From a builder/contractor perspective)

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One Comment on “Advantage of Advantage – Part 1: Homeowners’ Perspective

  1. As a Journeyman carpenter,I’ve been personally involved in the construction of three ICF homes.I was impressed with the ease of construction (my novice helper wife and myself were mainly responsible for the assembly of basement forms for a 1600 + sq. ft. basement.) Another similar size house was completed with ICF to the truss level. The sound proofing and minimal heating costs of these homes is phenominal. Couple this with under-floor hot water heating (western Canada) and these owners should be ‘laughing all the way to the bank’.

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