Alberta Energy Grants

Written by: Melissa Carruthers
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Okay, I started writing this one thinking that there wouldn’t be much to talk about because it was a little difficult to find but with some help I was able to locate the information below and it looks quite lucrative for Albertans.

Federal grants are currently not available but there are a lot available provincially.

In order to be eligible for the rebates you will need to do an energy evaluation of your home. The cost is $300 but the Alberta Government with give you a cheque for $100. You are not obligated to do all or any of the suggested improvements and the Energy Advisor will submit your application for you. After you have made your improvements it will cost $150 for a follow up evaluation. The Energy Advisor will update your official EnerGuide rating on your behalf for Government rebates. Something to note, you pay for your evaluations prior to them coming to your home and if you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment or don’t cancel you forfeit your payment.

Here is how you get your money…

A minimum of 20% of the total ceiling area must be insulated to qualify. If you have multiple roof types (flat, attic and cathedral). You will be pro-rated based on what is insulated and your maximum rebate you can get is $562.50.

Exterior Wall Insulation
A minimum of 20% of the total exterior wall has to be insulated to qualify. So if you don’t currently have any insulation you will not qualify.

Insulate exposed floor
Insulate your entire exposed floor and increase your insulation value by a minimum of R-20 and you also must cover 150 square feet of space to qualify.

Basement Insulation
A minimum of 20% of the foundations wall area (both basement and crawl space combined) must be insulated to qualify. The rebate is based on the percentage of area insulated so the more you insulate the more money you get back.

Basement Header Insulation
You will need to seal and insulate your entire basement and it needs to increase to R-20 in order for you to receive the $93.75 rebate.

•    Use PlastiSpan HD 5” to achieve an R-20

Crawl Space Insulation
If you have both a crawl space and a basement you will be pro-rated and the most you can receive in rebates is $937.50. If you don’t have basement, see below for what you can get as a rebate.

Make sure you check out to see what other grants are available for making changes to your heating and cooling as well as you doors and windows. Make sure you max out on improvements and get the most you can for your improvements. You don’t have to do all the work at once so if it takes six months or a year that’s ok, you just have to make sure they come back for a post evaluation. The Post evaluation costs $150 but again you will get $100 back.

Next up Saskatchewan!

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