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Advantages of Advantage Part 3: Building Store/Dealer Perspective

April 9, 2012

Written by: Colin Showalter
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If you have been following this three part series of “Advantages of Advantage” you would already know what the advantages are to both the homeowners and the contractor/builder. In this third part we will go through the advantages the Building Stores/Dealers who sell the Advantage ICF System.

The most obvious advantage to selling Advantage ICF is that Plasti-Fab manufactures the Advantage ICF System and makes it available across Canada. This allows us to ship the block direct to site in a very timely manner to almost all area in Canada and northern United States. This allows each Building Store/Dealer to use their yard space to store other products. It also means that since Plasti-Fab is delivering direct to job sites the stores do not even need to handle the product.


The second benefit is that Plasti-Fab fully supports their product. Which means on-site technical advisory as well as project by project quotes are both available at no charge. This makes it much less stressful for the stores if a contractor has not worked with the Advantage ICF system and has some questions or concerns about install.

Other benefits relate to the many design features of the product which were previously discussed in the previous blogs providing benefits for homeowners and contractor/builders, such as the patented Advantage ICF System interlock that lines up the ties virtually eliminating concerns of attachments needed for interior and exterior finishes for the customers of the Building Stores/Dealers.

Hopefully I have touched on most of the benefits of the Advantage ICF System in these last three blogs, whether you’re a homeowner, contractor/builder or a building store/dealer. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.

Stay tuned: coming soon – how to do an uncommon corner angle on site

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