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Plasti-Fab product solutions for your dock, raft or boathouse

June 4, 2012

Written by Melissa Carruthers
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Looking to build a new dock this summer?
Plasti-Fab’s DuroFloat that will help you do just that!

Plasti-Fab BuoyancyDuroFloat is a billet of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) encapsulated in an eco-friendly marine barrier. The barrier resists punctures, UV deterioration, weather, fuel spills and provides protection from mammals and aquatic life.

DuroFloat has some features that I like better than some of the other billets on the market. It comes in a great size of 96x20x10 which is bigger than most on the market. It has a lift (buoyancy force) of 610lbs. There is no installation kits (hardware) required to install it. DuroFloat doesn’t require any ballasting or stringers to be secure and effective. Ballasting is when you add water to the float to increase stability, and a stringer adds stiffness and may also be used when attaching or mounting other internal structures. DuroFloat eliminates the need for those with its built in strength and stability.

There are many associations across Canada that now requires your flotation device to be encapsulated when putting it into rivers and lakes. DuroFloat offers you an effective solution to ensure you have a safe dock that does not have a negative effect on the environment.

Plasti-Fab BuoyancyYou can use DuroFloat for Lake Floats, Docks, Marina’s, rafts, finger piers and boathouses. Are you ready to get started? You can purchase it through your local building supply dealer.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the summer with your new floating dock, raft or boathouse.

Contact your local Plasti-Fab sales office for more information about DuroFloat.

Download DuroFloat Brochure


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