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Manitoba Energy Rebates

June 18, 2012

Written by Melissa Carruthers

Manitoba offers “Power Smart Savings,” which is both rebates and loans. They have two different types of main programs: Residential and Commercial, that both contain numerous programs within them.

To start, let’s talk residential: 

When you are looking at replacing and/or renovating your home, consider the following:

1. Replace all appliances with ENERGY STAR appliances
2. Look into Geothermal heat pumps which can pay up to $5000 in rebates for a new system in a new or existing home.
3. First Nations program

Upgrades that are applicable are listed below:
a. Compact fluorescent light bulbs
b. Insulated pipe wrap
c. Draft proofing
d. Faucet aerator
e. Low flow shower heads

**Manitoba Hydro offers training to community members to complete the upgrades and also offers seminars for information on what you can do,  plus  tips on making the community more energy efficient**

4. Home Insulation Program (Upgrade to “Power Smart” Levels. You will need to follow their three steps.

1. Qualify
2. Insulate
3. Get a rebate

b. To Qualify you must meet eligibility requirements and the insulation must meet “Power Smart” Insulation requirements

How do you meet these requirements?
• Must be a home owner and have an active Manitoba Hydro account
• Must be a house (detached or semi-detached) or a Mobile Home on a permanent foundation with a water supply and used as a residence.

What is not eligible?

  • Homes under construction, not occupied, apartments, summer homes or cottages, attached garages, out buildings or homes newer then 1999
  • Projects that are currently in progress or recently finished
  • If you recently had your home re-insulated but you were not satisfied you cannot use the rebate program to replace what was just finished.

**Manitoba Hydro retains the right to visit your home within 12 months of the approval and installation.**

Pre-approval is required from Manitoba Hydro to be eligible.

How do you get pre-approved?

 Where do you want to re-insulate?

  • Attic?
  • Foundation?
  • Exterior sheathing?

 Are you going to do it yourself or hire someone?

  •  Hiring?

You need the following:
 Square foot measurement of home
 Year home was built
 Manitoba Hydro number
 Type of heating your home has
 Square footage of area to be insulated
 Existing R-value of the area

Your contractor or retailer will complete the required “Home Insulation Program Application with you, obtain pre-approval and contact you when your project has been approved.

 You will need to:

  • Obtain all required building or electrical permits or ensure your contractor has done this
  • Ensure all work meets the Manitoba Building Code and all applicable by-laws.
  • Purchase PlastiSpan Insulation from your local building supply dealer and supervise your contractor.
  • All insulation must be new and purchased in Canada… It also must have a verifiable R-value (determined by the CCMC)

 Once you are finished all the work you will need to submit all your paperwork (signed Home Insulation Rebate application and Calculation schedule) and original receipts for your rebate. It can take up to 8 weeks to receive your cheque.
 Make sure you submit within 30 days!

Here is what you need to do to get back money:
 Attics (Existing must be less than R30)

  • Insulate to R-50
  • Flat or Cathedral ceilings need to be insulated to R-28 (7” PlastiSpan HD)
  • Minimum of 100 square feet must be insulated
  • If you have existing insulation and you replace it all you are only eligible for rebates on what the increase is not what you replace

 Foundations

  • Insulate to R-24 (6” PlastiSpan HD or 2.5” PlastiSpan HD with R-16 batt insulation)
  • Minimum of 100 square feet needs to be insulated
  • If you are replacing existing insulation it is not eligible

 Wall Cavities

  • Insulate to R-10
  • Minimum of 100 square feet needs to be insulated
  • If replacing existing insulation only additional increase in R-value is eligible

 Exterior Walls (re-siding)

  • Minimum R-3.75 (1” PlastiSpan) to a maximum R-10 (2.5” PlastiSpan HD) can be added
  • Minimum of 100 square feet needs to be covered

Quick Overview:
1. Cover 100 square feet
2. Only replace what is necessary otherwise add to existing

Here is where math skills come in handy:
 Attic

  • Square feet to be insulated x added R-value x $0.02
    Example: 100 sq ft x 20 (R-value) x $0.02 = $40.00

 Wall Cavities

  • Square feet to be insulated x added R-value x $0.04
    Example: 100 sq ft x 20 (R-value) x $0.04 = $80.00

 Walls (when re-siding)

  • Square feet to be insulated X R-value X $0.10
    Example: 100 sq ft X 10 (R-value) X 0.10 = $100

 Foundation

  • Square feet to be insulated X added R-value X $0.03
    Example: 100 sq ft x 20 (R-value) x $0.03 = $60

Hopefully this helps you get the most out of your renovations. Feel free to ask any questions. 

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  1. Dakota Keyser permalink
    June 21, 2012 2:51 pm

    Attic insulation is a great way to save on heating and cooling costs throughout the year!

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