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Cathedral Ceiling Retrofit with DuroFoam Insulation

June 25, 2012

DuroFoam® insulation helps a Quebec homeowner
cut utility bills on rustic log home

Written by: Chris Schwind

After acquiring an idyllic log home in the forested countryside of Val des Monts, Quebec, the Brossard family was thrilled with everything about their new home, except the utility bills. In a region where winter temperatures routinely dip below -20 degrees Celsius, heating the home became a financial burden during the winter months. In addition to its poor insulation, the home’s unventilated, low-sloped roof regularly formed ice dams along the eaves.

Homeowner Francois Brossard enlisted the help of local contractor YVEX Construction to boost the home’s energy efficiency by adding Plasti-Fab® DuroFoam® insulation to the roof.

Crews removed the home’s existing roofing and layered DuroFoam expanded polystyrene insulation over the cathedral ceiling. DuroFoam insulation offers the long-lasting thermal protection of expanded polystyrene with a thin film facing applied to both sides for added durability during cutting, handling and installation.

“One of the reasons I went with DuroFoam is that it is a very durable product and it minimized the amount of waste created from cutting it on the roof,” said Brossard. “With the facings you get a good, clean cut.”

A new layer of roof sheathing was attached to dimensional lumber nailers, creating a vented roof and solving Brossard’s ice damming issues.

“With the DuroFoam and roof ventilation, it is much cooler in summer time and warmer in winter time,” he said. “We have seen a 15 percent improvement in our utility bills.”

“The roof can be a major source of heat loss in a home,” Brossard added. “DuroFoam is a great solution for owners of cabins or cottages with cathedral ceilings. We are getting a great return on  our investment.”

For more information about DuroFoam insulation, visit: DuroFoam on our web site

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  1. October 21, 2012 11:51 pm

    Ini my county, I also use Expanded Polystyrene for the building. That is cool.


  1. DuroFoam available across Canada « Plasti-Fab

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