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How do you do a radius wall using ICF block?

July 16, 2012

Written by: Colin Showalter
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Something you see much more frequently in today’s residential architecture is curved or radius walls. So the question is, can you do this with ICF block and, if so, how? In this blog I will answer both of those questions.

Yes, you can do curved/radius walls with ICF block. Obviously there are limitations depending on radius, window or door opening and other factors. However, typically anything you can do with conventional forms you can do with ICF forms.

First: Radius walls are constructed by removing sections from the inside side panel and bending the ICF into the required shape.

Second: Run lath stripes around the blocks and then brace with your bracing system to hold the curve.
Important: Horizontal rebar as specified, must be bent to the appropriate radius to be inserted in each course of block. (as required by the local building code)

Third: Repeat the above steps for each row of block. Note: Curves are a great place to use up off cuts and small pieces of block to reduce your waste. Just make sure it is securely braced.

Fourth: Drop in vertical rebar as you would with any other wall as required by the local building code.

By following these simple steps you can easily build any radius wall on site. And remember “If you have a miter saw, there is no point in paying for specialty blocks.” Specialty radius blocks are very pricey and can escalate your building costs substantially.

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Please stay tuned as we develop a video of the above steps to further help explain this topic.

Coming Soon: revisiting “rebar”

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