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DuroFoam Customer Interview

August 15, 2012

What do customers have to say about Plasti-Fab’s DuroFoam Insulation? Read on to see……

Plasti-Fab: First, tell us a little about your project.

Homeowner:  We decided it was time to finish our basement, and one of the things we wanted to make sure we did was insulate the floor and walls to make the space comfortable.

Plasti-Fab: Did you research products before choosing what insulation you wanted to use?

Homeowner: Oh absolutely. Knowing the insulation was a permanent feature, we wanted to be sure we selected the right one. We also did not know if we could use the same thing for the walls and the floor or if they needed to be different.

Plasti-Fab: So in your research, what were some of your criteria?

Homeowner: Since we are doing this project ourselves, the insulation had to be easy to use, not require a lot of equipment to install, and have really good instructions on how to install it. Also after looking around, we realized we wanted the rigid foam to ensure it stayed in place over the life of the home and not lose any of our insulating efforts over time.

So along those lines, R-value was at the top of our requirement list. Seeing so many different and varying degrees of R-value throughout all the products, both rigid foam and non-rigid insulation, had us evaluating everything. We were looking for insulation with a high R-value at a competitive price.

Another very important aspect for us is the sustainability of the products we might use. We are moving to energy efficient appliances, are completely behind recycling, and are shopping for the right kind of hybrid vehicle as we speak. You hear a lot about green washing, and it’s very refreshing to see a company that stands behind the sustainability not just of its products, but of their manufacturing process as well. We even found the sustainability reporting on the web site.

Plasti-Fab: What were some of the challenges you faced in your project?

Homeowner: The biggest thing we were concerned with was the limited space on the basement stairs. Some of the building materials were awkward sizes so we had to figure out how to get them down the stairs. The insulation we chose was perfect because I could carry it myself, and bend it right around the corners and it never broke or cracked, and when I got to the basement, I could lay it flat with no problem.

Plasti-Fab: So the insulation product you ended up choosing for this basement insulation project is called DuroFoam Insulation. What made you decide to pick DuroFoam over some of the other insulations?

Homeowner: Well for starters, it has so many uses. Not only can we use it as the insulation on the inside of our basement walls, but we can use it under the floor too. It’s nice to know that one product can be used in so many applications. We could even use it on the outside of the basement walls, the outside of the house if we wanted to put new siding on the house, and it can even go under poured concrete of radiant floors. So there are lots of places it can go if we wanted to do other projects like that.

PF: So you felt comfortable knowing it worked in a lot of different applications around your home. 

Homeowner: Very much so. And another thing that helped with our decision was the amount of information on the product, and how to install it. I watched a couple videos on YouTube that showed the product being installed. There was a sheet right on the shelf that I took home and followed step by step through the installation.

Plasti-Fab: Did you have to cut the DuroFoam?

Homeowner: Yes, but it was so easy. All I used was a utility knife and a straight edge.  The sheets were 4 feet by 8 feet, so I could easily move them around and measure and cut. The foam has a film on both sides, one side is green, the other is silver, and when I cut there was not a mess of white beads all over my floor.

Plasti-Fab: What did you like best about the DuroFoam insulation?

Homeowner: Aside from the fact that it won’t slouch like non-rigid pieces, it stays where I put it, and I was able to install it over the weekend for both the floor and the walls. It also did not break like some rigid foams do when you bend them too far, or accidentally step on them, which I did plenty of course.

Plasti-Fab: So if you decide to do another home renovation project that includes the need for insulation would you use DuroFoam again?

Homeowner: For us it’s not a matter of IF we’ll renovate more, it’s just what will we decide to do next! But you answer your question, yes, we like using DuroFoam, so it will be on the shopping list the next time we do a house project.

For more information in DuroFoam and its applications, visit:

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