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Energy Efficiency Begins with Plasti-Fab Insulation

September 4, 2012

Energy Efficiency Begins with Plasti-Fab Insulation
Written by Temira Kafer
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It’s no secret that trends in housing touch on concepts such as energy efficiency, (come on, who doesn’t want energy efficient homes, appliances, & more?) sustainability, green, and the list goes on. You may have heard terms like Net-Zero, LEED, Energy Star, and other measurement and certification programs being used for the building of any sort of structure from a home to a school to an industrial complex. Building to a specific energy standard requires the right balance of products and design. It can be tedious work to find all the products and solutions that will make your structure meet the particular energy efficiency standard you strive for.

What would you say if I could tell you that you can have an incredible energy efficient home and you don’t have to shop around for it? What if there was one company whose product lines fit together so cohesively, that they create the ultimate energy efficient solution for the enclosure of your home, or your office, or your development? You’d be pretty excited, right? Imagine the peace of mind that comes from a vertically integrated company who can control the quality, the manufacturing, and provide you full knowledge of the end product & how it will perform for you.

The good news is, Plasti-Fab has the ability to do just that. And instead of boring you with paragraphs of “I told you so” kind of text, we are going to show you instead.

Over the course of the next twelve weeks, you will learn how Plasti-Fab integrates PlastiSpan Insulation with our other product lines; the Advantage ICF System, & the Insulspan Structural Insulated Panel System. We’ll be creating our own sustainable, energy efficient home enclosure, beginning with the foundation and working our way all the way to the roof. With the various types of expanded polystyrene products available from Plasti-Fab, there is more than one simple solution to some of the energy efficient challenges you face in your home. We will cover each of them; effectively arming you with the knowledge to decide for yourself what works best for you.

Join us, as we begin building from the ground up, the Plasti-Fab Solutions Home, because Energy Efficiency begins with Plasti-Fab Insulation. Watch the house below come into focus as the Plasti-Fab solutions build with each new blog.

Next week – Series Part One: Exterior Insulating Sheathing for Foundation Walls

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