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The Plasti-Fab Solutions Home: Energy Efficiency from Start to Finish

December 4, 2012

Plasti-FabWritten by Temira K.
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Plasti-Fab Solution HouseFor the last 13 weeks we have built and insulated the Plasti-Fab Solutions Home from the ground up. With the help of our product representatives from Plasti-Fab, Advantage ICF, and Insulspan SIPs, the solutions home is a model that provides multiple options for insulating a home and making it as energy-efficient as possible. As a company who has been providing insulation solutions for nearly 45 years, it seems appropriate to pull all these aspects together to help showcase the true energy efficiency that is possible with our products.

Just a quick review, foundations can be insulated from the inside and/or the outside using PlastiSpan, PlastiSpan HD or DuroFoam insulation, or you can pour the concrete right between two layers of formed insulation connected by webs: our Advantage Insulating Concrete Forming System and voila! an insulated foundation.

Once the insulated foundation is in place, there is the Insulspan Structural Insulating Panel System that can be used as an insulated floor system. Usually this is used in mountain regions or areas where a floor extends out and is exposed to air beneath. Regardless, it is an added component to the energy efficiency of a home.

Above grade walls have many options for insulation as well, including Plasti-Fab’s continuous insulation on the exterior of the walls, Insulspan SIPs as the wall itself, or the Advantage ICF system. Each product has its own merit and value it brings to your project; it’s up to you to decide what will work best for your situation.  If you are having a tough time deciding, give one of our product experts a call, they will help you decide on which product or building system will work best.

So now the walls are up, its time to drop back down to the basement floor and determine what insulation you want to use there. If you are planning to have radiant floor heat, we have a Hydronic Insulation system designed to make your installation easier. (Make sure you check out the resources below to see some very cool videos that show installers putting together the Hydronic insulation system then installing the radiant tubing.) If you are not using radiant floor heat, you can insulate your basement floor above the slab using PlastiSpan, PlastiSpan HD or DuroFoam insulation.

Lastly, to complete the energy-efficient home, the roof system. You can choose to use either a SIP roof system, or insulate the ceilings with PlastiSpan, PlastiSpan HD, or DuroFoam insulation. Both enhance the energy efficiency of your home, saving you money on your energy bills.

So there you have it, an energy-efficient home with options to suit even the most custom of projects. Again, if you look at all this and it makes your head spin, we have people who are happy to help you work your way through the decision process.

We don’t just sell products. We sell solutions.


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