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2012 Year in Review

December 10, 2012

Plasti-FabLooking back to the past year, we have come a long way in our blogging community. It is with your help that we pick our topics and write our blogs. Below is a recap of 2012 and the most popular posts.

If there is a topic we have not written about that you would like to see us write, make sure you let us know!

Top 10 Posts in 2012

  1. SIP Ventilation Part 1 HVAC
  2. Step Footings Using the Advantage ICF System
  3. How to Attach Finishes to my ICF Wall
  4. Why PlastiSpan HD Insulation?
  5. Using DuroFoam to Insulate your Basement Floor
  6. What to use for Damp-proofing on my ICF Foundation
  7. Rebar in ICF Walls
  8. Bracing and Scaffolding for Advantage ICFs projects
  9. How to do electrical in my ICF walls
  10. SIP Ventilation Part III: The Roof

Check in next week to see a great craft blog witten by Melissa Carruthers using PlastiSpan Handi-pacs for your holiday decorations, crafts and more.

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