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Did You Know Week in Review

April 15, 2013

Did You KnowIf you have been following along on Twitter, you will recognize some of these facts. Below is the collaboration of this past week of Did You Know facts about our business and products. To get updates daily, subscribe to our twitter accounts noted below or check back each week for the summary.

Don’t forget to tell us a Did You Know fact about yourself, your company, or projects you are working on! We look forward to hearing about you and your projects.

Did You Know these things about Plasti-Fab?

1) Our foam is used in 60+ film productions across Canada, such as Poltergeist, Saving Silverman & more

2) In Alberta alone our trucks drive about 225,000 km’s per year delivering our product?

3) PlastiSpan can be used in both interior & exterior applications? See our insulation applications

4) Plasti-Fab was founded in 1968; we’ve been in the insulation business for 45 years.

5) We are a publicly owned Canadian Company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) as PFB

Did You Know these things about Insulspan SIPs?

1) Insulspan panels are designed to ensure quality of strength by resisting deflection (sag) with Deflection<=Span (in.) /360.

2) Insulspan provides a Ready-to-Assemble system, delivered directly to your job site?

3) Insulspan supplies glue-lam roof support with architectural grade glue-lams?

4) Did you know all our products are code approved and at Insulspan we own our testing data

5) Did you know Insulspan supplies detailed shop drawings that include all details in building with SIPs.

Did You Know these things about Advantage ICF?

1) Building with Advantage ICFs  provides improved energy efficiency & effective thermal resistance?

2) Our system has indented line marks on all blocks @ 25.4 mm (1″) intervals to simplify measuring & marking

3) Advantage ICFs are delivered directly to job sites?

4) Advantage ICF blocks are manufactured in Alberta

5) The  Advantage ICF System can be cut to provide any shape as long as the structural supports are designed accordingly?

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