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Week 2 Review of Did You Know Series

April 22, 2013

Plasti-FabWe are on to our second week of fun facts of the Did You Know Series. A quick review for those who have not been following along on Twitter…

Did You Know these facts about Plasti-Fab?

1) Last week PFB Corporation published their 2012 Annual Report.\(of which Plasti-Fab is a subsidiary)

2) Household furniture manufacturers use our EPS as packing material for the furniture they design & build.

3) DuroFoam Insulation is a laminated board with one side silver and the other side green.

4) DuroFoam has large white lines down the middle to make cutting 2 foot pieces easier.

5) DuroFoam can be used in both interior & exterior applications.

How about these facts about the Advantage ICF System?

1) A home built with ICFs provides a wall structure 40% more energy efficient than one of stud & batt.

2) All things considered, by drinking one less specialty drink/day you will pay for your Advantage ICF home.

3) You can use the Advantage ICF System for your below AND above grade walls.

4) Advantage has trained ICF system installers to help on site when needed.

5) Last week PFB Corporation published their 2012 Annual Report .\ (of which Advantage is a subsidiary)

Did you know these about Insulspan SIPs?

1) Insulspan University, a hands-on & classroom learning session for builders, architects, & DIYers.
April 26

2) Panels can be completely pre-cut to size in our manufacturing facility including rakes, eaves,
bevel cuts, doors & windows.

3) An experienced Insulspan technician can assist you on-site with the installation of your SIPs.

4) You can order a free Insulspan Design Manual CD.

5) At the end of this week, Insulspan will host its first Insulspan University hands-on learning seminar.

If you aren’t following along throughout the week on twitter to get daily Did You Know facts, click the brand below to begin following them now.

@PlastiFab | @AdvantageICF | @InsulspanSIPs | @InsulspanSIPsCa

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