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Did You Know Week 3 Review from Plasti-Fab

April 30, 2013

Did You KnowWelcome back for the recap of our third week in the Did You Know Series. We would really like to hear from you regarding topics of interest or points you have questions about. To make it easier, you can read the summarized points from the previous week below.

Plasti-Fab Did You Know…

Using GeoSpec lightweight fill material allows landscape architects to vary the finished soil grade?

GeoSpec lightweight fill is typically 50x lighter than other types of lightweight fill materials?

PlastiSpan® flotation billets can be used as the buoyancy medium to construct a variety of rafts?

Plasti-Fab’s #SIP line, #Insulspan was used in a BC Sustainable Affordable Kit House. Read the full story:

Our EPS (foam) is used to aid sustainability, preservation, & more.

Advantage ICF Did You Know…

Advantage ICFs incorporate EPS insulation, manufactured in North America by @PlastiFab

The average home spends $300 per month on heating & cooling, Advantage ICFs saves you 30%-50% of that?

Windows can easily be incorporated with Advantage ICFs for architecturally pleasing deep wall thicknesses, window seats & ledges?

Advantage ICF in Edmonton holds Product Knowledge Seminars for builders, homeowners and architects interested in learning more about ICFs?

Our product is sustainable in product, process, and production! Happy Earth Day!

Insulspan SIPs Did You Know…

A key component of SAK™ House is an energy-efficient building envelope constructed with Insulspan® SIPS

Our SIPs were chosen for Active House for superior energy efficiency & improved air quality standards?

The  continuous core of EPS insulation in a SIP reduces air leakage & heat loss, providing better control of indoor air quality?

Sustainable Affordable Kit House packages Insulspan® SIPs with sustainable materials

Happy How do SIPs play into sustainability & preservation? Find out now:

Coming up next week is a feature on the Sustainable Affordable Kit House packages that utilized Insulspan SIPs…..

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