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Points of Interest: Active House & Insulspan SIPs

May 23, 2013

With the successful completion of the first ever Active House in North America, it was accompanied by media and articles depicting not just the homeowner’s story, but the energy efficiency and product performance story as well. The Saint Louis Business Journal and Eco-Living Pulse were two venues that added voice to this project.

St. Louis Business Journal
Living Green: $500,000 home; $0 energy bill, by  Section Editor- St. Louis Business Journal

When St. Louis native David Smith set out in 2011 to build a new home for his wife Thuy and daughter Cameron, he approached the decision with the typical mindset of a new homebuyer: get the most square feet per dollar. Instead, they ended up with a home with the potential to eliminate all energy costs.
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Eco-Building Pulse
From Start to Finish: Active House USA

Our holistic approach to systems and design incorporates many top-of-the-line products and industry-leading green building innovations. For example, the home will be built using SIPs paneling for the roofing and walls, solar water heating, and utilizing solar energy that feeds and pulls from the main grid at net-zero efficiency. The home will be automated to read humidity, temperature, and external conditions in order to signal automated skylights to open and close to moderate the indoor air comfort.
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Eco-Building Pulse
Active House Enters Testing Phase, by Matt Belcher of Verdatek Solutions

Originally, when the opportunity to be a part of the team to construct an Active House prototype in the United States was presented to us, it was apparent that the goal of the Active House specification and the NGBS were complimentary. Part of our mission with this prototype is to demonstrate how similar they are and create opportunities to expand the market familiarity and impact of both. The project has been wholly rewarding and the results have so far been even better than anticipated. Our client will be the beneficiary of long-lasting efficient performance and comfort that will now not be obsolete for quite possibly decades, which begs the question: Why would you build any other way?
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