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Better {Sustainable} Building with EPS Product Solutions

July 17, 2013

Plasti-FabCorporate Sustainability Reporting has steadily gained traction as part of a company’s reporting plan. In order to ensure the high quality of these reports, organizations have referred to the guidelines set by the Global Reporting Initiative.

sustainabilityFormed in 1997 by non-profit organization Ceres and the Tellus Institute and supported by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is an independent institution whose mission is to standardize sustainability reporting and lending its support and guidance to companies that require help on their ecological footprint efforts.

By helping companies report on the various aspects of their products, services and activities, increased understanding on an organization’s contribution to sustainable development is realized.

New Reporting Guidelines released

Recently, the GRI released an updated version of these guidelines for sustainability reporting.  Under the said guidelines, companies are encouraged to inform why a specific topic, such as greenhouse gas emissions, is worth evaluating.

The new guidelines aim to provide better support to companies committed to sustainability. As a result, organizations can focus their attention more on the sustainability factors that matter, producing reports that would be more strategic and reliable.

PFB and its brands Plasti-Fab EPS Product Solutions, Advantage ICF System, and Insulspan Structural Insulating Panel System continually strive to maintain their sustainability practices in better building. The company as a whole is concerned with the future of the planet and the effects that modern lifestyles may be having on climate change.  We are committed to conducting operations responsibly, mindful of the economic, environmental and social impacts of our day to day operations.

At PFB, we have always placed environmental protection at the highest level of importance in our products, processes and practices. In addition, our intention is also to focus on improving performance related to conversion of inputs, such as materials, energy, and water; into outputs, such as products, emissions, effluents and waste through a process of continuous improvement. Using the sustainability specifications set forth by the GRI, we are able to continue raising the bar on our sustainability efforts.

To learn more about the sustainability initiatives and reporting from PFB and its brands, visit

Also learn about EPS Product Solutions at our web sites:

Advantage ICF System

Insulspan SIP System

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