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September 9, 2013

Plasti-FabPlasti-Fab provides GeoSpec Lightweight fill material for 232nd Street Overpass

The Roberts Bank Rail project consists of multiple railway overpasses to eliminate at grade rail crossings and traffic congestion. The railway is part of a system that runs from a large container and coal port Heading East across Canada.

Plasti-Fab’s involvement on this project is the 232nd Street overpass, where the 45 year EPS company is providing GeoSpec  EPS 24, EPS 29 and EPS 39 lightweight fill material for the road embankments. 232nd Street connects communities north of Highway 1, including the eastern section of Walnut Grove and Fort Langley, with the rest of Langley. A two-lane overpass will replace the current street-level crossing of the CP Rail tracks, allowing for the westward extension of CN Rail’s Rawlison rail siding into CP Rail’s Page Subdivision.


The overpass will also provide the following significant community benefits: eliminate the requirement for train whistling through the nearly five-kilometre rural area between Glover Road and River Road; enhance public safety by removing the at-grade crossing to prevent any possible risk of collisions with trains, and ensure that emergency vehicles are not held up by train movements; and eliminate any delays for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians trying to cross the rail line at 232nd when a train is passing.

Plasti-Fab is supplying and installing the lightweight fill material on this project, but it is not without some challenges. Aside from the road embankments leading up to the overpass, the project also incorporates a side road into the main EPS fill. Plasti-Fab began the EPS fill on August 2nd, and plans to have the EPS portion of the project completed in October. The Roberts Bank Rail 232nd Street Overpass is being done in 3 phases as there is a detour that needs to be decommissioned partway through one of the EPS fill sections. The South Approach is being split in two phases by the detour, with the North Approach is being installed in one single phase.


“The use of GeoSpec EPS Lightweight Fill on projects such as these really helps to speed up the construction of the project, and reduce the overall carbon footprint of the project, by eliminating heavy earth moving and hauling equipment. It also helps to eliminate excessive loads on existing soil conditions and the structures being erected,” says Sean McBeth, Plasti-Fab Representative.

Being conscientious of their sustainable initiatives, Plasti-Fab has provided a trailer on site to ensure that all offcuts are taken directly to recycling.

The Prime Contractor on the 232nd Street project is BA Blacktop. BA Blacktop has been in the road building business for 57 years, and like Plasti-Fab, has worked on many of the major Infrastructure projects in British Columbia.


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