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Energy Efficient Commercial Insulation Solutions by Plasti-Fab

October 16, 2013

Plasti-FabWritten by: Temira K
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It is not uncommon for a commercial project to be completed by a team of experts. Architects, engineers, contractors, building officials, investors, manufacturers, suppliers, project managers, and the list could go on. Everyone makes decisions based on their expertise. With this in mind, it is important to provide not only a wide array of product solutions that can be used throughout the entire project, but clear, concise details and product information that can be communicated to all members of the team.

As part of the team, information at your fingertips is vital. Time frames are a delicate balance and the project lives and dies by building codes. So with that in mind, what would you say if many of the solutions for your project were all in one convenient place, from a vertically integrated company who controls the quality, the manufacturing, while providing you with the full knowledge of the end product & how it will perform? What if there was one company whose product lines fit together so cohesively, that they create the ultimate energy efficient solution while providing product information and unrivaled technical expertise?

In commercial construction there are lots of moving parts and pieces, and while energy efficiency is important, there are multiple other factors to consider that make it different from residential.  Tackling a commercial construction or renovation project requires knowledge, industry experience, and good quality products that fit together in a way to accomplish the end result: A high-quality, energy efficient structure that meets the needs of the client and fulfills their vision. It can be very tedious to find all the products and solutions that will make the structure meet the energy efficiency standards such as LEED, Energy Sta Ratings, and other such programs.

Your thinking, what amazing company can this be, right?

The Plasti-Fab brand promises to provide customers with Quality, Service and Expertise. Plasti-Fab and its employees are proud to provide a broad array of not just products, but solutions – solutions that are delivered with the highest level of service and backed by more than 45 years of expertise and knowledge.  At Plasti-Fab, we don’t just sell products, we deliver solutions.


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Over the course of the next ten weeks, you will learn how Plasti-Fab integrates various product lines including PlastiSpan Insulation, the Advantage ICF System, & the Insulspan Structural Insulated Panel System. We’ll be creating our own sustainable, energy efficient commercial building, beginning with the geotechnical applications, and working our way all the way to the roof. With the various types of expanded polystyrene products available from Plasti-Fab, there is more than one simple solution to some of the energy efficient and structural challenges a commercial building team may encounter. We will cover each of them; effectively arming you with the knowledge to decide for yourself what works best for you.

Join us, as we begin building from the ground up, the Plasti-Fab Commercial Solutions Structure, because Energy Efficiency begins with Plasti-Fab Insulation. Watch as the building is constructed from the ground up and the building comes into focus with each stage of completion.

Next week – Series Part One: GeoSpan for Grade Beam & GeoVoid Compressible fill for concrete floors

Can’t wait for next week to get more information? Check out our sites at,, or stay involved in any of our social media listed below:





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