Plasti-Fab Storm Water Management Makes Headlines

Plasti-Fab** At Plasti-Fab we believe sustainability is important; important enough to take a week off from our regularly scheduled blog series to give credit to the efforts of the Kitchener Ontario location for their efforts in innovative sustainability.

Plasti-Fab‘s brand new storm water management features are getting national attention! On October 11th municipal water and waste water managers from across the country came to the site to check out their 2 new rain gardens and infiltration gallery that will divert up to 20,500L from storm sewers every year.

Plasti-Fab Storm Water 01The challenge for the Plasti-Fab facility in Kitchener was to find a more sustainable solution for their storm water. Plasti-Fab is located in an industrial sub-division in central Kitchener Ontario built in the 1950s. It is situated on 3.81 acres of land with 90% impervious area coverage. The total building envelope is 94,732 square feet. Storm water is either diverted from the roof directly into the storm drain, or from eaves troughs and downspouts which discharge the storm water into the ground.

After the RAIN Business visit Plasti-Fab received in July of this year, it was determined that they would be eligible to apply for credits for existing controls of their rooftop drains and by diverting a portion of their roof to newly installed rain gardens and an infiltration gallery.

Rain water is now re-directed from 2 rooftop downspouts on Plasti-Fab’s warehouse on the Union Street side of the building. Water from the downspout on the south corner of the building is now directed to an:

A)      873L infiltration gallery which overflows into a

B)       2700L rain garden (1.5x6mx0.5m) which can store and infiltrate storm water from a single 25mm rainfall event.

The downspout on the east corner of the building is directed to…

C)       A second rain garden measuring the same dimensions as the first.

This creates a storm water system with a 6273L capacity.

Plasti-Fab Storm Water

To learn more about Plasti-Fab’s efforts in sustainability, visit or follow us on Facebook or twitter:

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