Underslab Insulation Using PlastiSpan® Insulation

Plasti-FabWritten by: Sean McBeth
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Continuing on with the next application in the series of constructing an energy efficient commercial building, we look at PlastiSpan underslab insulation.

Insulating under your concrete slab using PlastiSpan insulation is another excellent way to reduce thermal loss from your commercial building.


As in many other commercial building applications, Plasti-Fab offers a range of PlastiSpan insulation types that can be used for this purpose. Typically for underslab insulation a minimum of PlastiSpan HD INSULATION is recommended, to provide the required compressive resistance to support loads on concrete slabs for commercial building applications. There are also higher compressive resistance PlastiSpan insulation types available if the engineering design for the concrete slab requires it. These products would include PlastiSpan 20, PlastiSpan 25, PlastiSpan 30 and PlastiSpan 40 insulation. Plasti-Fab provides Product Information Bulletins with material properties to help designers choose the appropriate product for the application.

So how do you go about making your commercial project energy-efficient with the PlastiSpan insulation under your concrete slab? First, you place and level a layer of granular fill over the floor area. Then cover the leveled granular fill material with moisture barrier. A 6 mil polyethylene is often used as the moisture barrier. When you have completed this, lay PlastiSpan HD insulation over the moisture barrier. Ensure that the joints are tightly butted together. Trim around the perimeter and openings as required.

underslab high compressive

Reinforcing steel or mesh as required by the engineering design for the concrete slab is placed using chairs or supports that distribute the weight of the reinforcing steel/mesh on the surface of the insulation and ensure the reinforcing steel/mesh  is located within the slab thickness as required.  Your concrete is then placed and finished over the insulation layer . You now have a continuous layer of insulation below your concrete slab, which will reduce thermal loss through the slab.

  And there you have it, a very easy way to make your commercial project more Energy Efficient with PlastiSpan insulation.

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