Multipurpose travel stop marks the gateway to northern Canada

insulspan-cutawayValleyview, Alberta is often labeled as the “crossroads to Canada’s north.” In fact, an estimated 2 million travelers pass through Valleyview annually, many en route to northern Alberta’s oil and gas industry facilities. It is no surprise that Valleyview is the site for a new one-stop travel centre that will serve as a gas station, full service deli and grocery, and a liquor store for both travelers and locals.

The 8,200-square-foot Valleyview Travel Centre was designed to resemble a turn of the century train station, with a wraparound porch and authentic roof dormers. When builder Todd Teolis of AWP Contractors received the plans for the travel centre, he knew immediately that the hip roof and large dormers posed a framing nightmare.

valleyview travel centre

“To stick frame and insulate the roof wouldn’t have been impossible, but it would have been a challenge,” said Teolis, an experienced timber framer and general contractor based in St. Albert, Alberta.

With his background in timber framing, Teolis knew that the Insulspan Structural Insulating Panel (SIP) system would simplify the roof construction. Insulspan’s time-saving, ready-to-assemble panels arrived at the jobsite pre-cut and labeled for a quick assembly.

“[With SIPs] you can get a building closed-in very quickly and have less labor onsite or need less guys to put them up,” said Teolis. “It is just quicker and easier, and, at the end of the day, about the same price.”

For Teolis, the benefits of Insulspan SIPs extend beyond the productivity gains. Factory quality control ensures a straighter, more consistent product than onsite framing, with better energy efficiency as well. The 10.25-inch SIPs provide an effective R-value of R-36 that virtually eliminates thermal bridging and air infiltration.

Teolis commented on working with the Insulspan sales staff that “they did an excellent job and I would definitely use panels again.”

Stay tuned for next week’s blog on SIP Best Practices in Commercial construction and we continue in our commercial solutions series.

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