PlastiSpan EPS Roofing Solutions for Commercial Construction

Plasti-Fab_WTagline_surveyWe are getting to the final application using PlastiSpan Insulation, to improve the overall energy efficiency in our Commercial Project. The next step in the progress of our Building is the Roof Application.

PlastiSpan Insulation is a common roof insulation for all Commercial, industrial, institutional and residential Roofing applications. PlastiSpan is an accepted roof insulation for all Provincial and National Roofing Association warranty programs across Canada.

IMG_1945PlastiSpan Roofing Insulation is available in both FLAT and TAPERED (sloped) Insulation profiles.

  1. FLAT INSULATION is utilized for roof decks that are structurally sloped or as a base layer for tapered insulation projects where additional R value is required.
  2. TAPERED INSULATION is utilized for roof decks that are structurally flat and provide both positive slope to drain and additional R value. Tapered Insulation is also utilized for backslopes and saddles where water flow is impeded by various roof top units or where roof drains are located away from the perimeter walls and requiring a counter slope.

PlastiSpan Insulation can be used in a variety of different Roofing Applications.

1. Standing Seam Roofs

  • Allows a variety of profiles and colors.
  • Installs at any temperature
  • Easily installed over thermal barriers on steel decks

2. Built up Roofing

  • Economical for High Thermal Resistance
  • Fiberboard/Asphaltic board provides an excellent and familiar surface for the application of built up roofing
  • Easily installed over thermal barriers on metal decks or direct to deck.

3. Fire Rated Assemblies

  • Thermal Barriers on steel decks tested to demonstrate compliance with Building Code
  • Steel deck with suspended ceiling can provide 1-hour fire rating

4. Single Ply Roofing

  • PlastiSpan insulation can be loose laid for ballasted membrane systems.
  • Economical for high thermal resistance
  • Easily installed over thermal barriers on steel decks or direct to deck.

sloped_roofing02PlastiSpan EPS roof insulation is incorporated into a roofing system in order to reduce the energy loss through the roof. Building Codes require minimum thermal resistance requirements for various types of construction in various geographical locations. PlastiSpan insulation board conforms to CAN/ULC-S701 and ASTM C578 EPS insulation types. The choice will depend upon the characteristics required by the roofing system.

The insulation application may vary based on the membrane material used or the material and equipment used to apply the system. Application clauses specific to the types of membrane are listed in the applicable PlastiSpan Roof and Deck Insulation Brochure, available on the Plasti-Fab website.


Facts about PlastiSpan EPS Roof Insulation

  1. – Low slope commercial, residential, industrial and institutional.
  2. – Lowest cost per R value, in most cases.
  3. – Conforms to CAN/ULC S701, (National Standard of Canada for Moulded Expanded Polystyrene Insulation.)
  4. – Accepted EPS Insulation for Provincial and National guarantee programs. ( Various Provincial guarantee programs differ from Province to Province )
  5. – Proven track record, 45 years plus.
  6. – Available Nation wide.
  7. – Available in various sheet size, thickness and slope.
  8. – Stable long term thermal resistance.
  9. – Compatible with various roofing systems.
  10. – Manufactured in both Canada and the U.S.
  11. – Direct to deck acceptable in a metal roof assembly.
  12. – Contains no CFC’s or HCFC’s


One Comment on “PlastiSpan EPS Roofing Solutions for Commercial Construction

  1. Many people make the mistake of thinking that since they already have roof insulation, nothing more can be done in that area to cut costs. This is usually not the case. The padding in your attic may be old and worn out, thinning through and letting heat escape. Your best bet is to let a qualified company come and inspect your padding to make sure this isn’t happening. Claw Roofing can help you with that.

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