Plasti-Fab Launches NEW Web site for 2014

Plasti-Fab Launches NEW Web site for 2014

Plasti-Fab is turning the page in technology. As the company reached its 46th year in business, a new web site came with it. After reviewing the needs of customers and web site visitors, the new site boasts a broader range of product information, How-To sections,  a solutions based hierarchy, and a structure that ties it all together.

Still priding ourselves on our Quality, Service, and Expertise brand promise, Plasti-Fab has come to be known in the industry as the EPS Experts. The web site supports that value statement with an unrivaled Technical Library with a large volume of technical documentation, resources, code listings and other materials supporting not just the PlastiSpan Insulations we manufacture and sell, but the applications for their use.

Look for some of the new technologies on the site that are not only visually entertaining, but assist site viewers with their learning and selection experience. Click here to see the Product Carousel. 

Additionally, the site contains social media channels, up to the minute twitter feeds, blogs, in-site videos,  and multiple subscription services for those who wish you utilize them.

We encourage you to check out the new site for yourself!


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