Insulspan® SIPS Prove Integral to Award-Winning Energy-Efficient Establishment

MEC-North-Van---Insulspan-SIPs[1]August, 2014

A national program of Sustainable Architecture & Building Magazine and the Canada Green Building Council recently awarded eight (8) projects the Canadian Green Building Award for exemplary sustainably-designed buildings in Canada.

The Mountain Equipment Co-op Store in North Vancouver was one such project. Using Insulspan Structural Insulating Panels (SIPs) for the walls and roof, along with other sustainable design considerations, MEC was able to develop a sustainable structure worthy of the prestigious award from the Sustainable Architecture & Building Magazine.

The judges for the award commented about the structure, saying “A beautiful building with impressive performance – as a retail facility that needs to attract and engage customers. The site development and integration with the park is carefully considered. MEC raises the bar every time it develops a new store.”

The Insulspan SIPs made this unique design possible while still providing the thermal envelope and sustainable attributes that continue to be an important element to the MEC organization. Insulspan SIPs provide superior energy efficiency, improved air quality, strength and security, with a commitment to high quality sustainable building solutions.  MEC also chose Insulspan SIPS for a retail store in Ontario and its head office in Vancouver.

Read more about the MEC Project in our Project Profile:[1].pdf

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For more than 30 years, Insulspan has led the industry in the development and manufacture of structural insulated panels. Insulspan SIPs have been named the number one green building product by the editors of Sustainable Industries magazine. In the words of the judges, “Not all SIPs are created equal, and Insulspan is the best.” Insulspan continues to pursue innovation in structural insulated panel fabrication and performance.

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PFB Corporation

PFB® manufactures innovative, high-quality insulating building products and technologies that, when used as components of a building envelope, enable residential and commercial structures to be highly energy-efficient. We are experts in geotechnical application of our products. Our core competency is our expertise in expanded polystyrene foams (EPS). We are the only vertically integrated EPS company in North America; which as a consequence, provides us with technical expertise positioning us in a unique leadership position in the EPS industry.

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