Plasti-Fab’s Polymer Plant receives GE “Proof not Promises” Award

ge-awardEnergy and environmental solutions provider GE Power & Water Technologies recently presented Plasti-Fab’s Polymer Plant with the “Proof Not Promises” award.

“Proof Not Promises” is a category of GE’s customer awards that are given to companies based on successfully implementing efficiency improvements; recognizing them for significantly improving industrial operational performance.

The award was presented to Plasti-Fab after Dan Mooney, Chief Steam Engineer of the Polymer Plant spent time working with GE in the reduction of utilizing the “Steamate” condensate corrosion inhibitor for the Moulding Plant Boiler by more than 75%.

With the help of a GE representative, Polymer Plant staff and employees, a chemical addition reduction initiative targeted at steam condensate return piping amine in the Crossfield Block Moulding Plant was completed. Amines are added to the steam systems to coat iron piping and prevent corrosion. Amines are the most expensive component of a boiler water treatment system.

The goal of this initiative was to add controls in order to optimize the addition to the required points which reduces the consumption to the minimum amount required in achieving piping protection.

Not only has the Amine consumption in the system reduced dramatically over the 3 month evaluation period without sacrifice of the piping protection, it also produced annual operational savings in the range to $9,000 to $10,000.

global_sustainability-green-integrationAt Plasti-Fab, we continue to be devoted to the sustainability of our products, practice and production. Our supply chain links are with major corporations that support the Responsible Care® Initiative. At the interface with them, our operating practices are subject to audit by them. Which helps the industry to operate safely, profitably and with care for future generations.

To learn more about Plasti-Fab’s sustainability initiative, visit

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