Candy Cake… Just in Time for Trick or Treat

Extra decoration makes it even more appealing
Extra decoration makes it even more appealing

Our author wrote this blog with the focus on wedding cakes; however with Halloween right around the corner, it seemed like a great idea to use for trick-or-treaters as well. If you want to hand out candy this year, and are looking for something more creative than candy in a bowl, the cake idea below is a great way to display candy for your visitors too!

Written by Melissa Carruthers

So for the last 10 years I have been making cakes for friends and family. Four tier wedding cakes, bear cakes, Thomas the train cakes and anything else I could think of. Last year I was the Maid of Honor in a wedding in Halifax. Living in Calgary made the possibility of making the wedding cake impossible so I had to come up with another idea. I thought about a Plasti-Span Grooms cake. I know the groom is a huge candy fan and the wedding colors were orange and white. So why not take PlastiSpan EPS and create the cake.

I had 4 tiers made in circles ranging from 14” in diameter to 4”. I painted them all orange, (This process took 3 coats of paint and my desk and hands were orange… but it was worth it!) Make sure you use acrylic paint and use a foam brush. It saves time.

After the cake was painted I shopped for candy… Specifically orange candy.  (Except for the baseball chew because they are a favorite). I didn’t know how difficult shopping for orange candy only would be, but it was a task all in itself!

So with the “Cake” made, I was off to Halifax.  When I arrived 8 plus hours of flying later, my luggage did not.  So somewhere in Canada was my Bridesmaid dress and this 4 tier candy wedding cake. I could not have been more thankful that the cake was durable, made of foam, and would assemble easily when I put it together. Finally everything arrived and the bride to be and I put it together. It was a great way to keep her calm the day before the wedding.

Step by Step…

  1. I pre-painted all the tiers so we wouldn’t need to do this in a hotel room
  2. We glued all the tiers together making sure each one was mostly dry before we attached the next one so they didn’t move around. (here is where we made a first timer mistake. We should have made the holes for the lollipops first instead of putting them in last)
  3. Starting with the largest candy we mapped out a plan. We knew how much and what candy was needed for each level.
  4. Now we started pinning all the candy to the bottom tier, then slowly to the top. We made sure we had extra candy just in case we ran out or got hungry while we were building it.
  5. Now for the lollipops. We stuck them in the top of the cake and voila it was complete.


Needless to say, even with delays, and luggage problems, both the bride and groom were in love with it and the Groom was shocked to see it.

Again a few things to take into consideration:

  1. Have lots of white craft glue to stick the tiers together
  2. Make sure the candy you buy can be molded around the cake (some candy didn’t get used because it wouldn’t curve)
  3. Bring lots of pins, some candy took 4 to hold in place
  4. Have a bowl beside the cake when you serve it (if you let people eat it). This way there is something for them to put the pins in
  5. Take lots of pictures
  6. Put the holes in the top tier first if you are using lollipops


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