Warm it up for the Winter!




Written by: Temira K.

That’s right I said it. Winter is coming. And if you believe the forecast for this coming season we are in for a doozy. Last winter I actually ran out of Propane because my house could not hold on to the heat in the extremely cold and lengthy winter we had. With the prices of propane and natural gas being what they are, I prefer to be proactive than pay extra when I find icicles on the walls. So this year I have decided to add a layer of insulation to my home, not into the walls, but create a nice warm blanket on the outside.

BIG-warm-houseNo, my house will not look like it has hit the snooze button and crawled back under the covers. When I say I am adding the equivalent of a blanket, I mean with a continuous layer of insulation, referred to as exterior sheathing insulation. This creates an insulation barrier that does not have those pesky air gaps that allow cold in and heat out. I work for a company that manufactures insulation. I see the numbers; I know what it can do, and how much it costs to make it happen. It is just not possible for me to sit through another winter like last year, knowing how much I can improve the comfort in my home with EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation.

Exterior insulation projects kind of need to be viewed like putting up your Christmas lights. The weather might seem nice now, and you may think, I’ve got plenty of time to get this done, but no one wants to be hanging Christmas lights (or placing sheathing insulation) in the snow. So now is the time.

EXTERIORINSULATINGSHEATHING01PSThis installation project is not difficult, and we have a step by step guide all set up to help complete it successfully. My first task is to determine what R-value I would like to gain with the addition of the insulation. There is a R3.75 per inch insulation, known as PlastiSpan®, and then there is a higher R-value product PlastiSpan HD, that gives me 4.04 R per inch. Because I don’t plan to change my windows, the higher the R-value per inch the better because I don’t want to add too much thickness to the outside of my home at this stage.

We also have a laminated product called DuroFoam, which is incredibly durable, (hence the name) can bend and flex without breaking and makes for a cleaner and much more seamless insulation project overall. I am choosing to go with this product, in a higher R-value, known as the DuroFoam Plus line. So I have chosen to add ¾ inch DuroFoam Plus Exterior Sheathing to my house.

I won’t walk you through all the steps that I will be taking to complete the project, but if you would like to see for yourself what they are, you can check them out here. http://www.plastifab.com/solutions/residential/exterior-insulating-sheathing.html

young attractive business woman working on laptop and celebratingSo when I am done with this insulation project, my house will no longer have icicles on the walls, my heating bill should be more bearable, and I can finally stop wearing my winter coat inside!


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