Advantage product manager builds his dream home – using his own product

Advantage ICFWritten by: Greg Doren
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For more than 11 years as product manager of Advantage ICF, I have helped build and market the brand while working with ICF projects all across North America, helping people build their homes as they experience the benefits and features this product offers.

The latest ICF project that I will be working on however, will have more meaning to me both personally and professionally. This time around I will be using the Advantage ICF product to build my very own home.

dorenhome1-bCloser to home

My family and I chose to build our home in a community near the office where I work. This was an opportunity that we were glad to have; as quality time spent with family is very important. It’s comforting to know that I will be home sooner instead of on a long commute and risk driving alongside someone who seemed to have watched one too many TV reruns of the Coyote chasing Road Runner.

The goal

My goal would be to build a single family dwelling with a walk out foundation, main and second floor. I will also be doing a suspended garage slab in order to maximize my home foot print on a typical town lot.

Through this multi-week blog series I will be sharing my experiences as our dream home is being built with the Advantage ICF System. There will be highs and lows; since unexpected things can happen, especially with the unpredictable weather in Alberta.

So until my Digital Marketing colleagues tell me that there’s an app that I can download on my smartphone to inform me of bad weather coming way ahead of time, building challenges like these are situations we’ll possibly be facing and of course, sharing with you.

This ICF project of building our dream home using Advantage ICF will be both a challenging and interesting process. For years I have stood behind the Advantage ICF product in helping anyone accomplish their objective in building a great home. Now it’s time for me to use Advantage ICF for my dream house goal.

I’ll see you all in the next blog where I discuss starting the foundation and placing the footings.

For more information about the Advantage ICF system, visit

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