The Doren Home, On to the Foundation

Advantage ICFWritten by: Greg Doren
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Hello again everyone. I am happy to say we have been making great progress on the house. Using the Plasti-Fab Advantage Insulating Concrete Forming System we have completed the walk out foundation. All went according to plan and although we had some specific technical details such as beam pockets and structural lintel details we had it up and poured in about a week without too much difficulty. It took 600 Advantage ICF Standards, 90 Degree Corners and T Blocks, 45 cubic meters of ready mix concrete and 135 pieces of scaffolding. That sounds like a lot of scaffolding but in reality it was the type of scaffolding that was used.


In the footing for lateral support at the bottom of wall there were 15M rebar dowels set to match the vertical rebar. Dowels need to be embedded 8” into the footing, since the dowels need to have 3” of concrete coverage from the bottom of the footing and the footing on this project are 8” deep, a 90 degree bend with a 5” leg was required. See Advantage ICF System Installation Detail Drawing Manual D.1.8 for detail. We also cut a keyway in the middle of the footing for additional lateral support. Always check local code to be compliant.


We placed the forms starting in the walkout frost wall where we had made our steps in the footing with 16 ½ inch rises and minimum 24 inch runs. This required 3 steps to get to required frost wall depth for the walk out. We placed 4 rows of Advantage ICF forms around the entire project perimeter then started attaching the scaffolding. This was the first time I had used a component style scaffolding that had metal brackets that attached to 2 X 4 wood studs. The horizontal 2x4s were place approximately every 4 feet and the vertical 2×4’s approximately every 6 feet. We also started placing pressure treated wood bucks then continued Advantage ICF forms and scaffolding as we rose in wall height.


When we neared the top of wall we placed beam pockets for the interior flooring system and for the suspended garage slab. We completed the Advantage ICF forms and scaffolding system and then embedded Simpson Strong Tie connector plates as specified. Next came the vertical rebar which was slid in from the top of forms The walkout wall presented some challenges as it was approximately 14 feet high but the scaffolding system worked great at keeping the wall straight and plumb during concrete placement.

The concrete placement went very well with no trouble at all, and for those of you who have worked concrete in this cold you know what a task it can be! We used an inch and a half mechanical vibrator to consolidate the ready mix. The pour was done in three passes and again no issues.

Next blog we will talk about specifics about the scaffolding system used, beam pockets, window and door bucks and the installation of the flooring system and the suspended slab in the garage.

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3 Comments on “The Doren Home, On to the Foundation

  1. No I did not use, nor do I typically use wall stiffener. The main reason I did not on my project is because of the type of scaffolding we used. It required a 2×4 on the flat at the 2ft, 5 ft. and top of wall. Not only does it keep the wall incredibly straight it also allows the wall to be aligned and plumb much easier after concrete placement. I will have pictures and a blog on the scaffolding in the next few weeks. With the exception of the required rebar I do not like to add products that may hinder concrete placement and internal mechanical vibration for consolidation of the ready mix concrete. Wall stiffener, metal hooks can get in the way of placement.

    Thanks for the question, Greg Doren

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