Designing with Insulspan SIPs

Written by guest writer Keith Nelson, Insulspan Designer

Why Design with Insulspan SIPS?  A panel is a panel is a panel, right?

I believe in helping people, giving the best possible effort, and doing right by others. I believe that the “pictures” I draw are more than lines on a screen or a page. I believe that they are a person’s dreams, realized.   My name is Keith Nelson and I design SIPs at the Insulspan plant in Blissfield, MI.

Being entrusted with someone’s dream is an awesome and daunting responsibility, with equal parts trust, excitement and trepidation.  Architects have the visionary work; designers translate their concepts into reality. Mechanics and metrics, software and load paths are all part of that translation, but those things are just the tools that I use to actualize their dreams.    The purpose behind those tools is improving the quality of life that the homeowner will enjoy, the pleasure they’ll take everyday living in their dream. I endeavor to give each of them the most energy efficient, cost effective version of that dream.

After receiving the plans from the customer, I recreate their two dimensional information in a 3D model using HSB Cad.  HSB is cutting edge software that integrates with AutoCAD Architecture.  Starting at the top, I work my way down through the structure, I trace the loads imposed on the panel, transferring them out and down to the foundation. Each door and window, opening and exterior wall is digitally recreated.  Every SIP and piece of lumber in the project is then modeled from that data for maximum efficiency and minimal waste.  Panels are maximized in size, thermal breaks are minimized, the design tweaked to provide the best performance possible within the given structural requirements.  That care and attention to detail will have direct impact on every utility bill the customer receives.

Insulspan panels are consciously designed for the people who will use them, for their comfort and enjoyment, for their future and the actualization of their dreams.

What I do everyday makes a difference in people’s lives; not just in their energy savings, but in their level of comfort, and in their sense of home. I maintain that an Insulspan panel isn’t like any other you can purchase, by design.

Visit for more on panel design and options.

One Comment on “Designing with Insulspan SIPs

  1. Hi Keith, Just wanted to complement you on this article. It is very well written and the sentiment is great. Frank


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