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Supporting Sustainability: A look at 2014 and what it means for you

May 7, 2015

Good blog post from PFBSustainability regarding the focus and commitment towards the environment.

PFB Sustainability


Corporations like PFB are committed to conducting operations responsibly and being mindful of the economic, environmental and social impacts of its operations and concerned with the future of the planet and the effects that modern lifestyles may be having on climate change.

In the last decade the company has reported the material impacts its activity has on the environment, including tabulating and reporting emissions, energy usage and waste PFB has generated. In 2013, PFB established a Sustainability Committee with members from all areas and specialties within the company. The Committee’s mandate is to work with management group and employees to facilitate continuous improvement of its sustainability performance. PFB’s focus continues to be on improving our performance through a process of continuous improvement.

Waste is a significant issue for manufacturers like PFB both from a cost perspective and its environmental impact. PFB is continually looking for ways to reduce the…

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