Building Safety Month = Radon Mitigation


May is Building Safety month, and while that focus is partly directed towards safety goggles and power tool protocol, the concepts behind building a “safe” building are also gaining some exposure this month. Safe buildings = radon free buildings.

Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada, and the leading cause among non-smokers. Several Canadian provinces have building code requirements in line with the National Building Code, which clearly define how to mitigate an interior space against radon gas.

Plasti-Fab has a key component within these mitigation systems, with their Radon Guard Insulation. It provides the space under the floor slab for the radon gas to move toward a vent stack, which diverts this deadly radioactive gas around interior spaces to vent harmlessly out the building roof.


An added benefit of Plasti-Fab Radon Guard Insulation, is that it provides under slab insulation to your building! The typical method of using washed gravel does not – so our product will help in producing a warmer, more energy-efficient building, in addition to protecting against radon gas.

As the largest manufacturer of EPS insulation in Canada, Plasti-Fab has manufacturing and sales offices in Ontario and all Western Provinces. | |

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