Don’t ask, don’t tell: radon gas in Canada

As you can see in Aaron’s blog below, Radon gas has become a hot topic as many begin to become more educated on the dangers of Radon gas and its presence in our homes and businesses.
Plasti-Fab and Radon Environmental have developed a key component in Radon gas mitigation, known as Radon Guard Insulation. Made with Plasti-Fab’s expanded polystyrene, Radon Guard Insulation aids in the mitigation of Radon gas, helping create healthier homes and environments.
To learn more about the Radon Guard Insulation and the key components in Radon mitigation, visit the Plasti-Fab web site.


I came across an interesting article today, which was published back on June 1st 2015 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (  Written by Diane Kelsall (MD MEd), it calls sharp attention to the fact that Canadian lawmakers have done well to protect Canadians from harm by way of seat belt laws (saving estimated 1,000 lives a year) and smoke alarms (reducing fire related deaths to somewhere near 40 per million households a year) yet have been lax in regulating protection from radon gas, a proven carcinogen that causes thousands of death each year.  I supposed it’s sort of like the home owners and business owners I have met who say they don’t want to test for radon, because if the test comes back saying there are high levels present that means they have to do something about it.  Ignorance is bliss, they say, but does that apply when the topic at hand…

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