8 Reasons you Should be Building with Ready-To-Assemble SIPS from Insulspan

Insulspan SIPS Canada

Building an energy efficient home or commercial building is easier than one might think. Insulspan’s Ready to Assemble system allows for fast, efficient construction. Where else can you get a complete thermal envelope,  with all your windows and doors cut and ready in one place?

Insulspan SIPs

    1. The Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) System is a COMPLETE SIP BUILDING SYSTEM.
      The Insulspan SIP System is an industry-leading ready-to-assemble (RTA) system that gives builders a real competitive edge over traditional stick frame construction. The RTA process reduces construction time and improves efficiency. Blueprints for your home are loaded into our computerized factory equipment, where Insulspan SIPs are manufactured to your exact specifications, then delivered to your location as a ready-to-assemble building system. Your home goes together like a 3D puzzle, with all the pieces delivered to your site exactly when you want them to.
    2. Professional on-site expertise is provided with every RTA system we deliver.
      Insulspan’s staff has a long history of on-site training and product knowledge. We don’t expect you to be the expert of our product, so let us help! We will send an advisor to your site, which can bring years of experience in the installation of Insulspan SIPS, to help guide you through the initial process until you are comfortable on your own.
    3. Insulspan SIPsIt’s Faster
      The RTA package includes the lumber already installed in your pre-cu panels for a one-stop shopping experience. No more random trips to the lumber yard! This method of installation also reduces site labor, saving time AND money, as well as reducing your build cycle. With every panel pre-cut and installation ready, it turns a conventional 3 week house build into a 3-day build. Your energy efficient thermal envelope is completed faster, getting you into your home or business ahead of schedule.
    4. It’s Easier
      Do you remember those paint by number projects we used to do as kids? Well think of the RTA package from Insulspan as a “House by Numbers” type of project. Panels arrive on site labelled, with lumber installed, wire chases cut and ready for sub-trades. You get a set of plans that show you what goes where based on the numbers and letters on each panel. Look at the plan, and you see the “A” Wall, you find the panels in your stack that say A-1, A-2, A-3 and so on, and up they go. With the lumber already installed at the connections, and in the window and door openings, it’s as easy as assembling the panels in order based on the drawings that Insulspan provides to you on site
    5. A for accuracy
      A main element of Insulspan’s RTA package is the complete and accurate design provided by our design staff. Known as the best shop drawings in the industry, Insulspan provides precise design to manufacturing to job site drawings based on your plans. Windows and doors are pre-cut and arrive on site with lumber installed, ready for assembly. Our design team optimizes the panel package to allow for minimal waste on the job site, saving you time and money.
    6. Cool Tools
      You have to admit a project goes much smoother when you have the right tools for the job. It’s far more difficult to build a table with a wrench than if you had a hammer and nails. So to make sure your Insulspan SIP system can be assembled in the most effective way possible, we send out lifting plates for your roof panels, fork extensions to move panels around and lift them into place with ease, and a tool called a hot wire cutter. The hot wire cutter allows you to relieve the foam where needed with minimal mess in a short amount of time
    7. Insulspan Structural Insulated Panels with Housewrap to enclose this home
      Insulspan Structural Insulated Panels with Housewrap to enclose this home

      Just like every good outfit is complete when properly accessorized, the Insulspan RTA package includes the accessories for the complete installation of the thermal envelope. All the screws and fasteners needed to install the panels are included. Our panel screws and washers are tested for their sheer strength and provided to you based on the thickness of your panel package. Panel seal tape, foam, and adhesive are also included in the RTA package. During assembly, the adhesive is used at all the seams and connections. This not only adheres the materials, but acts as a gasket to prevent air and moisture movement. The Panel Seal tape is provided as a secondary barrier at the roof seams to prevent air and moisture movement. The foam provided is a 2-part high expansion foam that fills any gaps that may have occurred as a result of the install. It completely seals all areas with its high expansion rate, sealing the thermal envelope.

    8. It’s a Wrap
      With every RTA package Insulspan provides the house wrap to completely wrap the panels, creating a moisture and vapor barrier for the system.

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