Energy Efficiency Boost with Insulspan SIPs

Insulspan® SIPs boost energy efficiency of cutting-edge Whistler condos

For over two decades, Rod Nadeau of Innovation Building Group has been building and designing energy-efficient homes. His recent endeavor involves a 26,000 sq. ft., 20-unit Solana condominium complex which is located in Whistler, British Columbia.

Solana features floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular mountain views and heated garages. Residents of each unit enjoy a 4,000 sq. ft. rooftop terrace with a barbeque, outdoor kitchen, and individual garden plots.

An exceptional interior comfort and low utility bills created by a high performance building envelope is the building’s defining characteristic. Innovation Building Group has chosen Insulspan® Structural Insulating Panel (SIP) System for the building’s exterior walls in order to lessen thermal bridging and air leakage – two factors that cause heat loss and lead to moisture problems during the Whistler’s wet climate.

Insulspan SIPs provide continuous expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation with minimal dimensional lumber studs that produce a thermal “bridge” of heat transfer to the outdoor structure. Building with large panels also means better air tightness  for even greater energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality.

 “We chose Insulspan SIPs for the walls because there is very little thermal bridging, you can pick the R-values, and they have virtually no air leakage,” said Nadeau.  “It is one of the best ways to make an energy-efficient building.”

Insulspan’s design team worked closely with Nadeau to provide engineered drawings that were critical in the design phase and greatly expedited the process of installation. All products from Insulspan are covered by a CCMC Evaluation so code approval becomes easy.

“Insulspan products have been around a long time, they’ve been proven, they’ve been engineered, and they’re easy for the guys to install,” said Nadeau.

“Innovation Building Group brings a high level of experience and knowledge in sustainable construction to this project,” said Insulspan SIPS Sales Manager Dave Stevenson.  “The combination of Insuspan SIPs and other technologies has dramatically reduced energy use and helped create a healthy, green building.”

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