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Plasti-Fab® EPS solutions cut utility bills for Saskatoon homeowners

March 3, 2016



Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Mills Residence Saskatoon DuroFoam Insulation Advantage ICF SystemContractor Brennen Mills has specialized in insurance contracting for nearly a decade, repairing homes damaged by fire and flooding as the owner of Saskatoon Fire and Flood.  In 2015, a house fire rendered one Saskatoon residence damaged beyond repair.  Working closely with the homeowners, Mills helped them design and build a new 2,144 sq. ft. home in its place that would be comfortable, energy efficient, and sustainable.

Mills’ energy-efficient design started below the home’s basement floor.  He placed three inches of Plasti-Fab® DuroFoam® expanded polystyrene (EPS) beneath the concrete slab.  DuroFoam’s closed-cell structure resists moisture and delivers a long-term, consistent R-value of 3.75 per inch of material.

“We insulate below the slab for the comfort factor,” said Mills.  “It keeps the basement floor a lot warmer.”

Construction 2 photoFor the below-grade walls, Mills selected the Advantage ICF System®.  Advantage is a patented insulating concrete forming system that provides a continuous layer of EPS insulation on both the interior and exterior walls.  It offers superior thermal resistance and lower air leakage for improved energy efficiency.

“The intent was to make the home energy efficient,” said Mills.

“Advantage ICFs are user friendly, they are available locally, and they create a great finished product.”

Mills also installed two-inches of DuroFoam on the outside of the home’s above grade walls for added insulation and to reduce thermal bridging through the wood framing.

“The walls have spray foam insulation with DuroFoam on the outside,” said Mills.  “The exterior insulation stops the thermal bridging and creates a really energy-efficient wall.”

By combining the insulating power of DuroFoam and the Advantage ICF System, Mills constructed a home that exceeded the homeowner’s expectations for both energy efficiency and thermal comfort.

Main photo

“Brennen really utilized the full capability of Plasti-Fab’s EPS products to build an excellent, energy-efficient home,” said Plasti-Fab Sales Representative Wade McClelland. “His use of DuroFoam created a perimeter of continuous insulation around the exterior of the home and really helped the homeowners save on energy costs.”

Learn how Plasti-Fab insulation and the Advantage ICF System can help you achieve energy efficient, comfortable living. |

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