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How to make a Photo Board using Plasti-Fab HandiPac

May 11, 2016

Written by: Melissa Carruthers   @MelissaC_PFB

Spring is on its way; graduations are around the corner, and photo opportunities are inevitable.  I don’t know about you, but I always have certain photos that I want to display at different times. Problem is I don’t want to put pins in them, making it so I can’t use them somewhere else later. The solution to this problem I have found, is a photo board. It works best to display my pictures without the need for pin holes. All you need are some supplies that can be found in the insulation aisle @ your local Home Depot, Rona or Lowes. Once there, pick up a Plasti-Fab HandiPac in the insulation aisle.

Here is a list of supplies you will need (let me know if you find anything that works better then I’ve suggested)

HandiPac (1.5” works best but you can double up the ¾”)
Material (cotton works best but denim is fun) 26” X 60”
Ribbon (either 26’ or 32’)
Glue gun
Glue sticks (clear)
“Bling”(rhinestones or flat backed crystals)
Sewing pins

Now let’s get started.
The good part of buying a HandiPac is you can make more than one photo board. They work perfectly for a kid’s room, for new parents who take a million pictures or just in a room where you want to show off different pictures.

Step one: Place your material face down on the table and place one piece of PlastiSpan in the center of the material.

Step two: Pick one of the long sides to start with. Pull the material over the PlastiSpan board and onto the back of the insulation. Pin in 4 places to keep the material tight. Then move to the other side and repeat. Now you will need to adjust both sides to make sure the material is tight across the front. Add more pins as needed to secure the material.

Step three: Now move to the short end, take out one pin on either side of the long end and you’ll need to fold the material like you are wrapping a present. I found placing a pin in the end to hold the material in place works well.  Fold the material up and over and pin into place. Make sure to replace the two pins you removed and repeat on the other end. HINT: I’ve found pins work better then glue; less messy and more forgiving.

Step four: Ribbon placement. You have 2 options with ribbon; one is to cut 12 pieces 26” long so you will need 26’ of ribbon or to just get 32’ of ribbon.

Option #1: Start in a corner and attach on piece in a diagonal, secure on the side with pins. Repeat this every 6 or 7” across the photo board. When you get to the other end, start in the opposite corner and go the other way. You should end up with the ribbon crossing at different places (middle, top and bottom). After you have made sure the ribbon is in the right place, flip over the board, remove the pins from the side of the board and attach to the back.

Option #2: Again you will start in a corner and secure it but instead of securing it piece by piece, continue wrapping the ribbon around until you get to the other end. Secure it and cut the ribbon. Now repeat and go back the other way. This way uses more ribbon but is easier and faster. Again you should end up with the ribbon crossing at different places (middle, top and bottom)

Now every where the ribbon crosses you will need to glue or pin it down so your photos will stay in place. A hot glue gun works best.

Step four: BLING IT! To give this piece a finished look, I attached flat backed crystals using a hot glue gun to the ribbon every time the ribbons cross. This isn’t a necessary step but it does finish off the photo board.

Now you have a finished board, ready to be populated with all those photos of summers at the lake, skiing trips, and all the other moments we love to capture in life! Just hang the photo board, by attaching it to the wall and then place photos in.


For more information on Plasti-Fab HandiPacs, Visit the products section of the Plasti-Fab web site:

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