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Energy Efficient Commercial Roofing with Insulspan SIPs

June 2, 2016

Insulspan SIPS CanadaWritten by Aaron Hinde, Sales Manager, Insulspan Blissfield

Energy Efficiency is just as important to commercial construction as it is to the residential homeowner who is paying their own energy bills. Today I will cover the Insulspan Structural Insulating Panel system (SIPs), another energy-efficient product that uses PlastiSpan insulation as a core material for the SIP. The energy efficiency of the SIP system, paired with the reduced site time and labor requirements make it an excellent all-in-one solution for commercial roof applications.

Insulspan SIPs are a good solution in commercial roofing for many reasons. Since time is money, and BOTH time AND money are important elements to control on a commercial construction site, you want to make sure you are using the best product to help you achieve that.

Roofs built with SIPs combine the tedious labor of framing, sheathing and insulating into an ultra-quick, one step installation process.

Completing your commercial structure with an Insulspan SIP roof is cost-effective due to the speed of completion you are able to achieve. SIPs require less skilled labor, equaling less time spent on-site. The building envelope can be locked up and ready for other sub trades quickly and be secured against theft, keeping costs down.

Insulspan manufactures what is known as jumbo panels; panels that are manufactured in dimensions of 8’x24’. Dependent upon load, SIPs can be designed to achieve spans with reduced spline connections (longitudinal lumber at panel joints) and therefore less overall material in the roof. The maximum span between supports such as beams or rafters will depend on the snow load, the thickness of panel, and the spline connection at the panel joints.

Appealing to architects & Engineers
In addition to the product itself being a good solution for commercial roofing, Insulspan also provides a large library of supporting documents for architects, engineers and specifiers. You can reference SIP code listing, installation manuals, MasterSpec, and even installation and construction details in either PFD or AutoCAD format at

Energy Efficiency
Not only do SIPs save resources in production and minimize waste generation, the high R-value and airtight nature of SIP construction when combined with other energy-efficient elements in the building envelope also reduces the amount of energy used in heating and cooling for the building, an important element when dealing with large commercial spaces.

Insulspan SIPs incorporate a core of PlastiSpan expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation with an R-value of 3.75 per inch. EPS is a closed-cell insulation, which maintains a constant R-value for the life of the product.

Thermal Insulation

The Insulspan SIP System provides airtight roof assemblies with higher effective thermal resistance than other construction methods. These properties allow the Insulspan SIP System to work in concert with other energy-efficient building components like windows, doors, and HVAC systems to reduce heat loss from 40 to 60 percent compared to typical wood-framed construction.

Completing your commercial roof with Insulspan SIPS means much less waste generated at your construction site. With conventional stick framing, several dumpsters full of sawn-off construction materials are hauled to landfills. But at Insulspan, we pre-engineer your entire project. Our computer-controlled, automated production environment means precise measurements and very little material waste in our manufacturing facilities. On-site, wall and roof panels fit together precisely, eliminating framing mistakes and cutting down wood studs to the desired length and throwing the rest away. You’ll save on site clean-up costs and waste disposal fees.

Ready to Assemble
The Insulspan SIP System is an industry-leading COMPLETE ready-to-assemble (RTA) system that gives a real competitive edge over traditional stick frame construction. The roof panels, like wall panels, are marked for location, interior side, and exterior side. In the RTA system, the spline lumber is all installed into the panels, so once you attach your lifting plates (also provided by Insulspan) to the panels, you are ready to fly them in and complete your project, one panel at a time.

So there you have it. A complete, enclosed commercial building, with excellent energy efficiency, high R-values, and completed with the speed and accuracy unrivaled in conventional framing.

Additional Resources:

US & Canada Code Reports:

Installation and Assembly Details:

The Insulspan MasterSpec:

Learn more about Insulspan SIP Roofs @


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