Insulspan® R-PLUS SIP System for Higher R-value SIPS

Insulspan SIPS SIPS are cool. Where else can you get an entire insulated wall or roof system that just drops into place like a puzzle, and by the time you are done you have an entire thermal envelope ready for finishes? As great as they are, ease of installation, pre-cut and ready to install when they arrive on site, etc. R-value is always a point of discussion.

The Insulspan SIP System consists of 2 layers of 7/16” structural-grade OSB, laminated to an EPS core, creating a solid, one-piece, pre-cut SIP that is ready to be installed as a wall, floor or roof component in many residential and commercial building applications. A standard EPS core has an R-value of 3.9 per inch. The thicker the panel; the higher the R-value. It’s simple math. However, now with the help of BASF, Plasti-Fab (EPS manufacturer of Insulspan’s EPS core material) has developed a new product with a higher R-value called EnerSpan. This core material uses graphite Polystyrene called NEOPOR®, creating a higher R-value product.


panel-cutaway-for-insulspan-r-plusThrough the use of the NEOPOR core known as EnerSpan, we have developed the Insulspan R-Plus product line. The Insulspan® R-Plus SIP (Structural Insulating Panel) System is an energy efficient building system consisting of an EnerSpan® insulation core with oriented strand board (OSB) structurally laminated to the interior and exterior faces. The core of the SIP known as EnerSpan insulation, is an expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation with a silver-grey color manufactured using Neopor® F5300 Plus provided by BASF. Neopor F5300 Plus is a graphite-enhanced expandable polystyrene raw material that reduces radiation heat transfer resulting in EPS insulation with a higher R-value/RSI-value compared to standard white EPS insulation.

The combined higher overall R-value/RSI-value and lower air leakage characteristic for building assemblies built with the Insulspan SIP System results in significant long-term energy cost savings versus other construction methods such as wood frame construction. With the addition of the NEOPOR in the EPS core, it provides a higher R-value of 4.7 per inch.

Below are the standard panel thicknesses we manufacture with their NEOPOR R-values:

4 1/2″ NEOPOR SIP = R-value of 21.2
6 1/2″ NEOPOR SIP = R-value of 30.6
8 1/4″ NEOPOR SIP = R-value of 38.7
10 1/4″ NEOPOR SIP = R-value of 48.2
12 1/4″ NEOPOR SIP = R-value of 57.6


For more information on Insulspan R-Plus, visit 


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