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Local College Chooses Plasti-Fab Energy Efficient EPS Products for Home Build

January 31, 2017

Insulspan SIPSWritten by: Aaron Hinde, Sales Manager, Insulspan Blissfield

One year ago, John Kope from Jackson College walked into my class to learn about our Insulspan SIPs and Advantage ICF system. The class, called Insulspan University, was developed to provide a hands-on learning environment for builders, homeowners, architects, and students alike. The class covers not just the application of our Insulspan SIP System, but also the ease of use and application for our Advantage ICF product line as well. John left the class excited about the potential of what SIPS and ICFs could bring to his residential construction program…

In the spring of the following year, a truck pulled up to the Jackson College job site, delivering the entire foundation of Advantage ICF blocks for the students to begin construction. With a class totaling 40 students between the morning and afternoon sessions John set out to build an energy efficient house with higher quality building materials.

“I will never build a foundation another way again,” Kope says of the Advantage ICF System. “It’s an easy to assemble product that is flexible and safer to install. It allows us to stop anywhere with the class schedules. It really saved me on time and money compared to building with forms.”

After the ICF system was in place, the class preceded to construct the rest of the house using Insulspan 6 inch wall panels and 10 inch roof panels. According to John, “This process was a great learning experience for the kids; there was a lot less installer error when the entire wall and roof system came ready-to-assemble.”

The home the students built is called “The Crawford,” selected from the Insulspan Home Plans that are available on the web site. Now that the home is fully enclosed with an Advantage ICF Foundation, Insulspan SIP walls and roof, the classes will begin interior and exterior finishing; getting the house ready to sell.

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Insulspan & Advantage; Plasti-Fab’s EPS Building System Solutions
Insulspan® Structural Insulating Panel Systems (SIPs) are used to create a building’s structural wall frame and replace trusses on roof systems to form an extremely energy-efficient structural “envelope.” This type of structural building envelope is so energy efficient that BASF chose Insulspan® SIPs for inclusion in its pioneering “Home, Sweet Hybrid Home,” the Net Zero Energy House built in a residential development in Paterson, New Jersey. This home recently earned a “Platinum” rating from the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED®-H Rating System, one of only two houses in the whole of North America to achieve that rating.

Insulspan, with more than 30 years’ experience in the building industry, is a leading brand of SIPs in North America. Insulspan SIPs have been a key part of a number of other high profile projects including:
•   In 2006, Insulspan featured prominently in a construction project that the Public Broadcasting System producers called “the centerpiece” of This Old House’s 25th Anniversary.
•   Insulspan SIPs were also selected as the structural insulating materials of choice for Sunset Magazine’s “Celebration Idea House,” built in California.
•   Insulspan also provided the roof for B.C. Canada Place built at the 2006 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Torino, Italy, to showcase Canada’s hosting of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.
•   Insulspan SIPs are the only SIPs in North America manufactured with both U.S. and Canadian code listings.

Advantage ICF System® is a one-piece, stay-in-place, insulating concrete form made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation. A series of strong plastic web connectors are permanently molded into two EPS panels to create a building block. The integral plastic webs act as the studs in a wall assembly, and are spaced at either 6 or 8 inches on center.

Advantage ICFs have a patented interlocking system along the top and bottom edges, which allows the blocks to securely connect together, much like kids’ Lego™ blocks. Reinforcing steel is placed on the plastic web connectors inside the block cavity which is then filled with concrete. After the concrete pour, the insulating EPS remains in place on both sides of the structure, providing a highly energy-efficient building envelope.

Residential and commercial buildings constructed using the Advantage ICF System are strong, quiet, and highly insulated.. The Advantage ICF System is often teamed with our Insulspan® Structural Insulating Panel System to create our highest performing BUILDING SYSTEM – a fully insulated, air-tight building envelope that includes the foundations, floors, walls and roof. | |

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