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How to attach Drywall (Gypsum board) to your Advantage ICF Walls

May 9, 2017

Watch the video or read below to learn how to easily apply drywall (gypsum board) to your Advantage ICF Walls

After the electrical details have been inspected and wire runs have been filled with low expansion foam, the Advantage ICF Wall is ready for drywall.

Before you begin, be sure to consult your Local building codes.

It is important to remember the web flanges on the Advantage ICF system’s 6 inch concrete core product lines are 8 inches on center. The Advantage ICF system 8 inch concrete core product line has flanges that are 6 inches on center.

The flanges are one and a half inches wide, the same dimension as lumber studs, and 14 1/4 inches long centered vertically in the block. They are kept aligned with two tabs at the top and two grooves at the bottom of the block.

The center of the flange is marked by a relief line that runs vertically between the tabs, and grooves.

Begin by applying adhesive to the surface of the ICF block. Press drywall into place and screw through the drywall into the aligned flanges of the Webs that are embedded in the ICF block.

Cut out window and service openings as shown. Remember the webs are recessed under the EPS 3/8 of an inch, and in order for the screws to penetrate the half-inch drywall and the 3/8 inch EPS foam, we recommend using1 5/8 type S fine threaded drywall screws.

If you would like to know more about the advantage ICF system, visit our frequently asked questions page on

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